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The Online Academy Video Training is split into five parts, in which you can build a mobile app for managing orders for tables in a restaurant, called “Cucina Piccola”. There is a video for each part, and you can download a resource library, and the final Cucina Piccola app, to help with your app development. The videos are recorded in English by Andreas Pfeiffer, Senior consultant with Omnis Software Germany, who has over 20 years experience creating enterprise and web applications in Omnis Studio, as well as speaking at tech conferences, and teaching the in-class academy courses.

To work on the Omnis Academy course you will need to download and install the latest Omnis Studio – a basic knowledge of Omnis Studio or a similar application development tool is not mandatory but would be an advantage.

Download Material

The following training materials are for the Studio 10 version of the Online Academy course.

  1. Download the ZIP file, which contains the Cucina Piccola app (Omnis library), the Resource library, and the product pictures that you will need to work through the Online Academy course.
  2. Check out the Omnis Academy guide (PDF in English) containing Parts 1 to 5, including step-by-step instructions on how to build the Cucina Piccola app.

Part 1

First steps and creating the service staff remote form

Topics: introduces the Cucina Piccola restaurant app, create a new library, remote task, remote form, and connect to a SQLite database.
Video: 18 mins

Part 2

Enhancing the restaurant service form & showing the pictures

Topics: create code to log on to a SQL database, using the Method Editor & Omnis Debugger, plus inheritance.
Video: 31 mins

Part 3

Making the order button & writing the record into the database

Topics: coding the Order button, storing the Orders in the database.
Video: 23 mins

Part 4

Implementing the Corporate Identity & developing a second remote form

Topics: adding a logo using a super class, using a grid to display orders, adding code to show the order status.
Video: 22 mins

Part 5

Adding a push service to synchronize all devices & creating a report class to print the bill

Topics: implementing a “push” mechanism to synchronize devices, creating a report to print the bill.
Video: 19 mins

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