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The Omnis Academy “in the classroom” provides three day training courses in Omnis Studio free of charge. We teach 2 days using the latest version of Omnis Studio and 1 day using the JavaScript Client for building web and mobile apps. It is targeted for attendees with basic programming knowledge and is an ideal opportunity for self-employed developers, enterprise developers, students, Omnis partners and Omnis prospects.

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Course Details

Title: Introduction to developing web and mobile apps with Omnis Studio
Language: English
Duration: 3 days

[typed string0=”In the Omnis Academy course you will learn how to develop applications with Omnis Studio including object orientation, database access and UI design. After successfully passing the course you will:” string1=”Second sentence” typeSpeed=”50″ startDelay=”0″ backSpeed=”0″ backDelay=”10000000″]

In the class you will:

Learn one of the most productive and flexible development environments

Enhance your programming skills

Gain an additional qualification

Open up new job opportunities

After the course you will:

Have gained a comprehensive insight into Omnis Studio & the JavaScript Client

Be ready for your first Omnis project

Receive a certificate (when attending in-class academy only)

If you want to know more about the Omnis Academy course, please email to: or call your local Omnis sales office.