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St. Gallen

The Solution

For recording and administration of the entire health care process, WigaSoft AG located in St. Gallen, Switzerland, developed an electronic patient and resident documentation software system. WiCare|Doc manages the entire patient treatment process from entry to leaving datem, including care, therapy, medication, monitoring, and prescription, and is now successfully implemented by many facilities of short term and long term care especially in the field of psychiatry and rehabilitation.

WiCare|Doc includes the modules Cockpit, ward manager, patient information, assessments, care diagnosis, prescription/planning, monitoring, action plan, reporting, wound documentation, performance recording, and leave/relocation. For all these modules, WiCare|Doc provides different functionalities for the various fields of activities in each healthcare facility.

For the health care or hospital management, resource planning, labor organization, service accounting, statistics and also legal preservation of evidence are paramount. WiCare|Doc provides the care and treatment team especially with the interdisciplinary and decentralized availability of all relevant data for optimal, individual care, a significant reduction of errors, saving of time by avoidance of redundant documentation and support of caring staff by visual tools, and automatic warning functions. A very good example for this is the wound documentation module, which makes it possible to compare and evaluate the wound with the picture of the prior wound documentation, directly at the patient’s bedside.

WigaSoft AG’s products have been developed entirely in Switzerland and are running on the Omnis product line for many years. Today, WiCare|Doc is developed on Omnis Studio version 5.x as a desktop computer solution. In the near future, the launch of several WiCare|Doc functions will be available on mobile devices, which is planned to make the care and resident documentation even more efficient and easier.

The Company

WigaSoft AG was founded in 1987 in St. Gallen and specialized in solutions for the health care market since 1993. The great success of WiCare|Doc and its high acceptance are not by accident: WigaSoft developed this software in close contact with doctors, administration specialists and nursing staff and is further developing the solution on an ongoing basis. Furthermore WigaSoft has a high expertise and has several other health care solutions in its product portfolio including WiCare|tacs® for managing the tacs® method, WiCare|LEP® for standardised analysis according to the LEP® method, WiCare|Analyze for modern reporting as well as VANADIUM for the decentralized performance recording.

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