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Omnis allowed the service company to build
their own web solution for managing retail refrigeration

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The Solution

In January 2005, they decided to use a MySQL database and chose Omnis Studio to build the application for data entry, order management and reporting. The MySQL database and Omnis are hosted alongside a web server and support the complete management of their business and the order entry by their customers.

The Company

Kälte + Shop Service GmbH (KSS) is a service company working across Germany. Since June 2001 they have handled the entire order management and maintenance for their customers. One of their customers is Johnson Controls, a Fortune 1000 company, and KSS carry out all maintenance and repair work on their refrigeration, climate and electronic devices installed in over 1,100 Shell gas and fuel stations across Germany. KSS is also in partnership with European manufacturer Porkka, who specialise in refrigerators, medical chillers, freezers, as well as cold rooms for commercial use, carrying out all servicing and warranty management for them.

Over the course of a year, KSS handles approximately 10,000 orders and coordinates more than 250 service companies. This level of business results in about 50,000 transactions, requiring a powerful data management system. When they first started in business, KSS tested and used various database programs, but none of these products was able to satisfy their exact requirements.

Why Omnis

“Omnis provides great flexibility in creating forms and reports. This flexibility and the speed with which modifications and enhancements can be made were the determining factor for us in choosing Omnis. We make modifications and enhancements to our system all the time and it’s very easy to do this ourselves with Omnis Studio,” said Robert Maier, Managing Director of KSS. “Another important factor for us was that we were able to develop the application for desktops and the web using a single development system. This reduced the development time and effort for us significantly. The user interface and the forms in the web version look the same as the desktop version and work exactly as the developer intended them to. And if, for any reason, we want to change the database, with Omnis we know we can, and keep the application and the user interface without changing a thing.”

It’s interesting to note that Robert Maier is not a professional software developer, but using Omnis Studio, as well as training and consulting provided by Omnis Software Germany, he was able to develop a solution to manage his business.

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