May 21, 2019 asmith

Your Omnis Story – Omnis Developer Videos – Paul Mulroney

A few months ago we asked the Omnis community to tell us “Your Omnis Story” in a short video. We received some great videos by Omnis developers from all over the world and we want to thank everyone who submitted her/his Omnis story – we chose 3 winners, although we loved them all of course, who each received a smart watch and a special t-shirt.

We have already shown one of our 3 winners, Mayada Al-Kishtini, and we would like to feature another today. The next video is by Paul Mulroney, Development Manager for Logical Developments, a long-term Omnis developer based in Perth in Australia. We’ll let Paul introduce himself and explain why his company likes using Omnis Studio.

All the videos submitted are in a “Your Omnis Story” playlist on our YouTube channel: The video playlist is available here. 

And the videos have been added to the Video page on our website:

And here’s a transcript of Paul’s video, which you might like to read as well:

My name is Paul Mulroney and I’m the Development Manager for the Logical Developments. Logical Developments does customized database solutions for small business. It started in 1990. I think that some of the things that we’re doing, especially the tools that we’re using make a difference.

Our tagline is “customized database solutions” so in a lot of ways it is bespoke stuff, but we start with our core components and then we modify them to suit. So for example, in our ConNote system we have standard modules but then we can add customized components on top of that, that are specific to our client, so they get a tailored product, at the end of the day.

We have lots of different companies using our products, in the transport industry which is our consignment tracking system & driver training. We have student guilds associated with the universities, they use our bookshop system to buy and sell second-hand textbooks (and many other solutions also!)

The manufacturing system that we’ve been maintaining that is used by a very large manufacturing company in Australia, that has 200 employees, it has warehouses and branches all around Australia, and that system handles all their inventory, it also does their production planning, so they can run forecast reports, to figure out even 12 months ahead of time, it handles all the logistics of dispatch, it integrates in with the courier companies so deliveries can be tracked automatically, it handles dangerous good handling, it does all their inventory control so their warehouse guys walk around with portable barcode scanners and they can pull up a pick job on the scanner and it will actually direct them (to the locations in the factory to pick the items).

One of the beauties about Omnis is that it’s all within the one development environment. When you are doing work, you’re working within the one integrated environment. It makes it easy to code, easier to debug, so if we have any problems, we can make the changes very quickly without having to switch over to a different tool set, a different sort of editing tools.

Omnis has been around for a very long time, and just one quality of the product is that it’s grown with us. Omnis has transformed our business in that it allows us to do smart things faster, it allows us to take a look at a problem, analyze a problem, and then produce a solution for that problem. One of the big things our biggest client likes to say, is that we don’t have recurring problems, if they find a problem we’re actually able to fix it immediately, so there’s a fast turnaround timing in the tool set as well.

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