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Top Omnis Speakers at Regional Developer Conference

The Omnis Regional Conference promises to be a feast of technical and business-oriented content, designed for new and experienced developers alike. We are enormously grateful to the many guest speakers who give their time in preparation, and so willingly share their wealth of knowledge and experience of using Omnis to develop software applications: they really do bring the conference to life! Here is the full list of speakers, and a summary of their sessions:

  • Holger Küchenmeister, daco systems ag
    Holger will demo his dynamic grids (i.e. customisable by the end-user) and special web module for dynamic reports which are used in the “fastLogistics“ solution by daco systems ag
  • Christoph Schwerdtner, Schwerdtner Medizin-Software
    Christoph will talk about best practices for REST API Design, version control with Git. He will also take the chance to advertise the EurOmnis conference that will take place in October 2018 – and Nick Renders, from MDR cvba will talk about EurOmnis to the English attendees.
  • Sten-Erik Björling, Enviro Data
    Sten will talk about using the Omnis Worker Objects to enhance performance of Omnis Fat Client and JavaScript Client Applications, to make you applications “fly”
  • Henk Noppe, OmniHis B.V.
    Henk will show how to use GitHub to store your Omnis components and projects; did you know there are over 100 Omnis repos now on GitHub?
  • Benjamin Rohner, amétiq AG
    Ben will show how you can export multiple libraries to JSON, and how you can use face recognition for authentication as shown in his medical software siMed
  • Christian Deutschbein, NDC München
    Christian is a marketing and branding specialist from Munich, he will provide some practical tips for successful online marketing for small and medium-sized companies
  • Gert Stiewi, SMS System-Management GmbH
    Gert is going to talk about the important issue of accessibility, and the need to comply with the new rules in Europe in 2018. And as some of you may realise, Gert is on the Omnis board, so you can speak face to face with one of the company directors, to discuss any aspect of the Omnis business.

You really should attend the conference in May to hear these guys… You should note that many of the sessions are presented in German and English by the same speakers, with only the occasional translation if it is needed.

Speakers from Omnis Software

We have our own staff there, including Bob Mitchell the Omnis engineering manager and main architect behind the major features in Omnis Studio over the past 20 years. Bob will present the latest features in Omnis Studio 9, while other members of the Omnis Software Germany team will update attendees on more new features and some exciting news about the company.

  • Bob Mitchell
    will demo the new Code Editor and JavaScript Remote Objects in Studio 9, and the new OW3 Worker objects Studio 8.1 that give client support for http, Web Sockets, SMTP, IMAP and FTP, using CURL
  • Andreas Pfeiffer
    will present a live “Master Class” on the automatic generation of data objects; this is very clever and will save you a lot time
  • Klaus Schrödl
    will talk about the integration of Omnis Remote Forms into WordPress, the world’s most popular web CMS
  • Götz Krija
    will present the new ‘Omnis App Manager’ which makes it easier to test your mobile apps on iOS (with plans to provide an Android version soon)
  • Mike Boller
    along with Birgit, Mike will present some new initiatives, ideas & offers for developers, including the Omnis Technical Committee, Ambassador Program, Online Academy, etc.
  • Birgit Jäger
    will provide a handy summary, tips and useful checklists for the new European Data Protection Regulations coming into force 25 May; Birgit will also present an outline of a pro-active Omnis product which we hope will encourage a new generation of developers; and lastly, Birgit will talk about the “3S”, but you’ll have to go to the website to find out what they are….

Full Programme and Registration

We have just released the full programme for the German and English sessions in the conference, so we urge you to take a look and book the conference ASAP: where else would you get so much Omnis knowledge and experience (and great food) in one place, for around 500 Euros?
Deutsches Programm und Info:
English programme and info:

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