June 23, 2022 Andrew

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Short summary about the international Omnis Developer (Anniversary) Conference – part 2

For all those who were not able to attend the ODC 2022 conference, I tried to summarize the most important content and information here. It’s almost impossible to cover everything at ODC 2022 so I had to split my report into two posts. In the first part www.omnis.net/blog/a-truly-inspiring-and-forward-looking-event/  I listed the many announcements of new Omnis Studio releases, Omnis products and services. So here’s part 2:

Omnis Software’s Principal Engineer Bob Mitchell and Jason Gissing, a key member of the Omnis Studio Engineering Team, shared their knowledge and gave insights into important areas of the Omnis Studio product – from the Omnis Deployment Tool and New components and Features in the Omnis JavaScript Client up to How to extend the  appearance and the functionality of the jsClient with JavaScript and CSS. 

A good UX and attractive UI design become more and more important and can be a selling point of an application. Senior Consultant Andreas Pfeiffer demonstrated live how developers can give their application a fresh new look with just a view simple steps and how easy it is to build a clean looking UI for both mobile and web apps in a single library using the same remote forms. For the Omnis Support Team, Götz Krija presented several very useful and clever (un)documented Omnis Studio features.

Both very impressive and really instructive were the many presentations by Omnis development companies from different countries.
Developers shared their experiences and technical solutions from successful projects such as 

  • Converting a desktop application into a web application: Differences and best approaches. 
  • Providing Analytics features to end-users by a tool that brings together data, creates analyses and reports with the utmost efficiency and ensures the secure sharing of information that helps the business strategy to succeed. Dynamic queries & outputs were realized in the JS client.
  • Omnis-to-Omnis bidirectional interconnection and asynchronous content management.   
  • 4K – monitors curse or blessing for UI design?
  • A Covid school project, developed in a mobile app by Omnis apprentice Maurin Wannags.
  • And last but not least a very smart mobile app, developed by a new Omnis developer for a logistics company.

Following the conference motto ‘The Future of App Development’ Omnis Software presented new marketing initiatives including a new Instagram account, on-demand webinars in different languages, an upcoming new Omnis Online Store – and a new logo:

A good tradition and always a real highlight at the end of our conference was the presentation of the Omnis Awards. This year the awards went to

  • Outstanding Omnis Community Support Award
    to Mike Matthews, UK
  • Omnis Business Partner Award
    Alfredo Buzali, Soporte Proscai, S.C., Mexico
  • Omnis Developer of the Year Award
    Sven Tiemann, Abraxas Informatik AG, Switzerland
  • Omnis Newcomer Developer Award
    Ralf Ruthenbürger, PuR GmbH, Germany
  • Omnis Special Award 2022
    Paul Mulroney, Logical Developments, Australia

To conclude my conference report, I would like to say that it was fantastic to meet face-to-face again with so many Omnis developers from all over the world, and I want to point out that the fantastic location and the exceptional service that Land Gut Höhne in Düsseldorf, Germany provided to us contributed in a special way to the wonderful atmosphere of optimism at this conference. 

I am sure that all participants, just like me, left ODC 2022 feeling inspired, educated and connected with other Omnis developers from around the world. So I hope to meet you at next year’s Omnis Developer Conference!

Birgit Jäger