March 26, 2019 asmith

Speaker Announced for US Omnis Developer Conference

We are delighted to announce that Thad Bogert will join us at our Omnis Developer Conference in Denver, CO, April 30 + May 1. Thad is a long-term Omnis developer, who once worked in Omnis Tech support, and now works as a freelance developer – he has a lot of experience converting Omnis apps from previous versions, and has worked for many different development shops across North America. Thad will cover a great new feature introduced in Studio 10:

  • Using Omnis DML with SQL databases
    A demonstration of DML to SQL translation technology introduced in Studio 10.  The session will cover software configuration, data conversion, and use of the technology within applications that utilize Omnis DML (Data Manipulation Language).

We are truly grateful for Thad agreeing to speak at our conference and feel sure that other Omnis developers will find his session extremely useful towards their own Omnis development projects.

Other great speakers already announced for the US Omnis Developer Conference include Alex Clay, Software Development & Technical Support Manager at Suran Systems, Inc., who will speak about Remote Debugging, introduced in Studio 10.0, and Omnis Deployment.

  • Debugging the Omnis runtime in a client’s environment
    Have you ever run into a bug that only happens on a client’s computer or in the runtime environment? See how the new Remote Debugging feature in Omnis Studio 10.0 lets you use the full Omnis debugger against a runtime application, even when deployed behind a NAT and firewalls.
  • Deploying Omnis Studio
    Learn how to build installers for Omnis Studio on macOS and Windows that make installing and updating your application rock-solid. Topics covered include branding Omnis as your own application, code signing, and updating existing deployments.

Plus we have Bob Mitchell, Engineering Manager with Omnis Software and the main architect for Omnis core features, looking at features in the recently released Omnis Studio 10. Bob’s topics include:

  • V10 Overview and New Code Editor Demonstration
    An overview of the new features in Studio 10.0 and 10.0.1. As well as bug fixes, Studio 10.0.1 includes a number of significant enhancements.
  • Omnis RoadMap
    An overview of our ideas for future versions of Omnis Studio
  • Remote Objects
    A short presentation and demonstration, describing this new way to implement client-side objects for the JavaScript Client.
  • New Workers (Crypto and Hash, SFTP and POP3)
    A brief overview of the new SFTP and POP3 workers. A more detailed presentation and demonstration of Crypto and Hash workers.

And we have Jason Gissing, Omnis Engineer at the UK HQ, with his confirmed topics:

  • Extending The JS Client Appearance & Functionality
    Using CSS to improve the appearance of, and JavaScript to add functionality to the JS Client
  • Using oBrowser to Extend Omnis Thick Client
    Run modern web content or JS Client forms, or create self-contained controls based on web technology, in desktop apps.
  • The General-Purpose Worker
    Using the new JavaScript Worker to do almost anything on a background thread.
  • Accessibility In The JS Client
    A brief overview of the Accessibility features introduced to the JS Client in Omnis Studio 10.

For more information, and to register for the US Conference, please go to our website:

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