December 20, 2021 Andrew

See you in 2022 at our Omnis Developer Conferences

This year we had to postpone all our usual developer conferences due to the Covid pandemic, but finally in 2022 we will get a chance to see you all, and you’ll get to see all the latest technology added to Omnis Studio. In February 2022, you can meet us at the popular Developer Week Conference & Expo in Oakland USA (and online), where we will be showing the latest Omnis Studio, and would be delighted to help you with any technical support matters or sales related questions.

  • Developer Week Conference & Expo, February 2-9, 2022, in Oakland, USA

Developer Week Conference & Expo, February 2-9, 2022, in Oakland, USA

Then in April 2022 in Las Vegas, we have our Omnis Developer Conference for North American customers, which will feature all the latest news and updates in Omnis Studio and other product offerings, with technical sessions, demos and Q&As – this is hosted by our Chairman, David Lewis, and will feature Omnis sales & technical staff from the US & Europe.

  • Omnis Developer Conference USA, April 5-6, 2022, Las Vegas.

Omnis Developer Conference USA, April 5-6, 2022, Las Vegas

Then in May 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany, we will host our International Omnis Developer Conference for European customers, including a 40th Anniversary celebration for Omnis (see below) which again was postponed from this year.

More details about these events are on the Omnis Events web page, with greater details about venues and so on being released in the new year – we urge you to put these exciting events in your diary – we would be thrilled to see you at any of these events. Check out the Omnis Events:

And Btw – Omnis is 40!

Forty years ago in December 1981, the company released its first software product “OMNIS”, a database application tool for the Apple II designed by Cambridge graduate and programmer David Seaman. The company that created Omnis was called Blyth Computers, founded by Paul Wright and Geoff Smith in England in 1979, which started as an Apple computer dealer, but they very soon realized the potential great software could bring to businesses, startups, and hobbyists – and so Omnis was born!

Omnis was written back then using Apple Pascal, but also the UCSD Pascal environment, which enabled a simple port over to other popular machines of the time, including IBM computers running MS-DOS – so Omnis was always cross-platform, right from the beginning! Learn more About Omnis and its history on our website:

And we’ll be celebrating the Omnis 40th Anniversary at our International Omnis Developer Conference in Dusseldorf in May 2022, so bring along all your great Omnis anecdotes!

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