March 19, 2019 asmith

See Studio 10 at Omnis Regional Conference

The Omnis Regional Conference in Wesel, near Düsseldorf, provides you with a unique opportunity to learn all about the latest release of Omnis Studio version 10, including all its new features: New Code Editor, Accessibility features, New Remote objects and components, and more. The conference allows you meet and learn from some of the top developers & speakers in the Omnis community: it’s also great to spend 2 days at a beautiful location on the banks of the Rhine river meeting & chatting to fellow Omnis developers from across Europe.

The conference programme includes live development and a master class on various topics of Omnis technology for web, mobile and desktop as well as seminars by experienced speakers, presentations of successful applications, business topics on marketing and business models of Omnis applications and practice-oriented short “Flash Sessions” on technical tips & tricks. The 2 day conference is conducted in German and English, with the same topics and talks in both languages.

The conference will include:

  • Omnis Studio Master Class, Live development of a Messenger
  • Studio 10 – looking at our latest release and first introduction of 10.1
  • ODPP Dashboard, better and more comprehensive service for developer
  • node.js Integration in Studio 10 and the JavaScript Worker object
  • Omnis in Health Care, a case study
  • Integration of existing solutions and extension with web and mobile modules, Field report
  • Omnis Mobile Apps – development and successful business models, Field report
  • Workshop: Undocumented Features in Omnis Studio
  • Accessibility in Omnis Applications, Why? What do I need to keep in mind?
  • Business update: Two and a half years after the acquisition of Omnis by OLS
  • Outlook & Product Roadmap
  • Omnis Flash Sessions, Short presentations of innovative Omnis solutions, technical tips, field reports, etc. by conference attendees
  • Q&A: We are listening/Feedback, tell us your requirements for Omnis Studio

The conference will take place 22 + 23 May, 2019, at the Welcome Hotel, Wesel in Germany. For more information and registration, please go to:

Note there is an Early Bird Price available for registration until 8 Apr 2019, so please register as soon as you can.

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