December 14, 2018 asmith

Remote Debugging & JavaScript Worker added to Studio 10 Beta 2

The second Beta of Omnis Studio 10 is available now and it has some great new features, many fixes and smaller enhancements. Included in this release is the ability to debug and test your code on a remote copy of Omnis, aka Remote Debugging, allowing you to debug your applications off-site, potentially saving you and your clients time and effort.
In addition, we have added a new JavaScript Worker object to allow you to run JavaScript methods inside node.js. The node.js framework contains many open source third-party modules that can be used from inside your Omnis code, by making the request in Omnis code by calling a worker object method, and receiving the results via a worker callback. For example, the library ‘xml2js’ is included in Omnis Studio, which converts XML to JSON.
If you would like to try out these new features, it’s not too late, since you can apply to join the Beta program via the Omnis website. Existing Beta testers will have received updated download information.

What else is in the BETA?

The following features were included in the first BETA, and most of these have received further updates and enhancements which are now included in this latest BETA release:

  • A new enhanced Code Editor
    allows you to enter Omnis code directly into each command line in a method, and the Code Assistant will help you enter parameter and variable names.
  • New Accessibility features
    to enable your apps to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) supported by many governments and public bodies and fast becoming a mandatory requirement.
  • Omnis datafile to SQL Conversion
    a new tool to convert Omnis datafiles to SQLite or PostgreSQL; following conversion the Omnis DML commands in your old library will be retained, but will execute against the selected database, seamlessly and automatically.
  • New JavaScript Controls to enhance your apps
    a new Toolbar control for remote forms, and a new non-visual external component iCalendar for managing calendar events in remote forms, and many enhancements in Data grids and other JS components.
  • Remote Objects to streamline your code
    a new Remote Object class to allow you to run code entirely on the client in a client-executed method in a remote form; this will allow you to make your apps more agile and efficient on web & mobile clients.
  • Web and Email Comms to extend your apps
    an updated OW3 Worker Objects external package, including support for POP3 email, CRYPTO (for encryption or decryption),HASH for hashing (scrambling) data, and SFTP support for file transfer.

Apply for the BETA

If you are a supported Omnis developer (on ODPP) and would like to test the BETA 2, please contact our BETA Program manager by filling out the form on our website.
If you are not a supported developer (on the ODPP), but have a special interest in any of the new features in Studio 10 and would like to test the BETA, then please register giving any reasons for your interest in the Comments section of the form and we would be happy to consider your application.

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