January 17, 2022 Andrew

Omnis White Paper: “Choosing the right App Development Software for Start-ups”

We are delighted to let you know that Omnis Software has released an important new White Paper: “Choosing the right App Development Software for Start-ups”. The choice of the right development tool probably won’t steal the credit for a project’s success, yet it could certainly prove to be a crucial reason for its failure.

The right software as a key factor for success

Therefore this objective white paper proceeds to walk pioneer entrepreneurs step-by-step through the logic of making a smart choice of app development software and certainly has what it takes to become a standard handbook for the start-up industry.

With an incredible number of development tools out there, there’s a real temptation to just pick the current go-to market favorite, stick with the package the team is most familiar with, or buy into something which worked great for a friend of a friend. But unless a developer or start-up can identify the best tool for their particular project, they could find themselves making a costly mistake – maybe ruining not only their project but also their professional reputation.

Key decision-making criteria

While locating the optimal development tool for any project is never easy, having a comprehensive checklist of key decision-making criteria will speed the task, help everyone to establish their own priorities, and ensure nothing significant gets overlooked. Key questions are addressed in the white paper:

  • Does it support rapid prototyping?
  • How much system flexibility will you require?
  • How important is speed?
  • Have you thought about scalability?
  • And does your project criteria imply (or demand) some level of system integration?
  • Should you go for an all-in-one package, or source a collection of state-of-the-art custom tools and components?

While some of these criteria may be obvious when starting a new project, other factors are often underrated as they affect later phases of the application life cycle:

  • How easy are maintenance and further development?
  • Does the software support technological changes?
  • What about the quality and accessibility of tech support and services?
  • How experienced and reliable is the vendor?

Test, check & verify

The Omnis white paper offers an in-depth solution for professionals gearing up to create reliable enterprise, web and mobile applications. But how much weight should be given to each of the listed factors is, of course, still down to an individual judgement based on the context of the envisaged project.

Any fledgling start-up faced with a profusion of development tool options must still meet that challenge logically with a clear open mind, a steady nerve, and perhaps even an element of luck. But having this new, impartial Omnis guide in your corner too is one sure way to streamline your decision making, reduce your stress levels, and swing the odds decisively in your favor.

The new Omnis white paper is an unbiased, authoritative guide which distils more than four decades of market-leading experience across all sectors in the creation of sophisticated business applications.

Please download the white paper from our website: www.omnis.net/white-paper

If you have questions or comments regarding the Omnis white paper, then please do not hesitate to contact us via your local Sales office: www.omnis.net/contact

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