June 11, 2018 asmith

Omnis Webinars: Learn How to create Web & Mobile apps in Omnis Studio

If you want to learn how to create web & mobile applications quickly and easily, using Omnis Studio, you can attend one of our live, online demos or ‘Omnis Webinars’. The webinars are presented online by one of our expert technical consultants who will provide a short overview of Omnis Studio and the short few steps needed to create a simple Omnis application. The webinars are available in English, German, Spanish and Italian and last about 30 to 40 minutes.
If you are new to Omnis Studio, or you’ve used an older version and want to get up to speed with the latest version, then the “Introduction to Omnis Studio” webinar is the best place to start. The “Intro” webinar provides a general introduction to Omnis Studio and shows in practice how you can develop a functional application and integrate it with a database within a few minutes. You will gain an overview of the power and functionality of Omnis Studio and an introduction to developing mobile, web and client/server applications with Omnis Studio.
The next dates for the “Intro” webinar are:

  • ENGLISH: “Introduction to Omnis Studio”
    21 June, 26 July
  • DEUTSCH: “Einführung in Omnis Studio”
    21 Juni, 26 Juli
  • ESPAÑOL: “Introducción a Omnis Studio”
    8 Agosto, 5 Septiembre
  • ITALIANO: “Introduzione a Omnis Studio”
    11 Giugno, 25 Luglio

As well as the “Intro” type webinars, we provide some other topics for a deeper exploration of the main features of Omnis Studio. The other topics include “Developing Mobile  /  Web Applications with Omnis JavaScript Client” and “Developing Standalone Mobile Applications”. These are also presented in the different languages, and are available at various times throughout 2018.

More info & Registration

For more information and to register for the Omnis Webinars, please go to our website:

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