October 14, 2019 Birgit

Omnis Technical Committee helps to drive Omnis Studio forward

In their recent meeting on 8th October 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany, the members of the Omnis Technical Committee (OTC) discussed various ideas and strategies to make Omnis Studio even better, even more innovative and fit for the requirements of the future.

The October meeting was attended by 10 OTC members, with some flying in to Frankfurt from North America and Australia, while others made the shorter trip from the UK, Italy, France and Germany (plus we had two others on video conference). A wide range of topics was discussed, in a very focused and open-minded atmosphere, including major new features and functional areas, support of new technologies, licensing and pricing options, as well as ideas about how to improve communication with the Omnis developer community.

The Tech committee meetings provide a great opportunity for our Management team to learn more about the experiences and different requirements of customers from different regions, industries and application areas, and the insights gained are so useful in our planning for future products and services.

Omnis Technical Committee

The OTC was founded two years ago and serves as an advisory board for the Omnis management with regard to current market requirements, technology trends and industry changes. Members come from all parts of the world and represent significant customers with a very advanced technical knowledge of Omnis Studio and other modern technologies, who can therefore provide a high level of expertise from their market segments/industries. The OTC members meet twice a year for face-to-face meetings and hold web conferences in between.

This support and direct communication with such a talented group of key Omnis developers is extremely valuable for Omnis Software, and ensures that we understand the latest trends and requirements in the Omnis developer community. And this is one of the many reasons why we are so close to our customers and are able to understand exactly what our customers need to succeed in their application development and business plans.

Omnis Software are extremely grateful for the continued support of the committee – and we are so impressed to see the commitment and loyalty of the OTC members.

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