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Omnis Successes in every industry, across the world

Omnis has been in business over 35 years, and enjoyed a lot of success at the birth of the personal computer, before the internet and mobile phones had even become popularized. Now in 2018, we are still enjoying much success with the latest JavaScript application development tools in Omnis Studio, for creating web and mobile apps on macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. We regularly add to our growing roster of Success Stories (case studies) on our web site, and we would like to bring you info about two new ones, in very different sectors, that is, Retail and Education.

Omnis Solutions in Retail

What do these Italian companies have in common, do you think?

  • CRAI – Supermarket, mini-markets & other stores, and in the Top 10 of Italian retailers.
  • Maxi Di – chain of supermarkets.
  • Supermercati Tosano – hypermarkets, and part of VéGé Group.
  • Ali Group – one of the largest global leaders in the foodservice equipment industry.
  • L’Abbondanza – Supermarket chain.
  • PittaRosso – 100 Footwear stores in Italy, 20 others across Europe.
  • Megamark – department stores & supermarkets.
  • Gruppo SME srl – general retail including technology, electrical & household appliances, furniture.

With a combined turnover of over € 8 billion (euros), all these companies use a software solution written using Omnis Studio and created by Italian developer Camì Informatica srl. We have published details about their Point of Sale (POS) and Warehousing (GDO) solution in a new success story. Michele Grande, Camì’s CEO made some very kind and insightful comments about Omnis and how it helps them to create their software:

“We use leading technology tools such as Omnis Studio to develop our software because it allows us to pay special attention to quality and performance…  Due to the improvements in the latest Omnis versions, Camì can now provide some of the functionalities of its software directly on the web, without having to rewrite them in different languages, providing a high level of code reusability.”

We would like to thank Michele for his generous comments and we are very grateful for his business. Camì srl are supported in Italy by our fantastic Italian distributor Software Products Italia, SoftPI (www.softpi.com), who support our customers in Italy, Spain and several countries in South America.
Read the full success story here:
And note that the story is available in English, Italian, French and German.

Omnis Solutions in Education

As well as Retail, the Arts, Manufacturing and Healthcare, Omnis supports many developers who provide solutions for Education in schools, colleges and universities. We have recently published a success story about how a Scottish council created a solution to manage pupil placement for 8000 children & budgets for schools in the West Lothian region.
John Thain, Statistics and Pupil Placement Officer, for West Lothian Council, and who created the solution using Omnis Studio, said:

“The Omnis platform is very feature rich, and working in Omnis means I was able to develop the application quickly. Omnis also has great connectivity allowing us to connect to several existing software applications, such as bespoke geographic information systems and import data from a range of well-established systems, which saves time for our employees and further reduces the councils paper and postage usage. Throughout the development we received great support from the team at Omnis Software.”

We are so grateful for John’s comments and his close cooperation in writing this story for us. Read the full story about how West Lothian Council in Scotland used Omnis:

Tell us your Story

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