April 27, 2020 Andrew

Omnis Software & DXC Technology “Free COVID-19 Partnership” Supports Hospitals in Pandemic

Omnis Software and DXC Technology have launched a “Free COVID-19 partnership”, enabling hospitals to increase the numbers of users of DXC Technology’s Omnis application. This partnership provides hospital users with interim free Omnis licence extensions to support hospitals in the current pandemic.

For almost 30 years hospitals in Australia, NZ, the UK and Canada have used an Omnis-based application called EDIS (Emergency Department Information System) to manage their high volume Accident & Emergency departments.

DXC’s EDIS mimics the workflow of the Emergency Department and captures information for the Medical, Nursing and Clerical aspects of a patient visit. EDIS comprises a series of fully integrated modules, including Triage, Tracking, Registration, Clinical and Admission functions, designed for ease of use and providing rapid, accurate and real-time data entry.

Emergency departments have been incredibly stretched during the Covid-19 pandemic. In mid March DXC Technology approached The DLA Group, our South East Asian Omnis Distributor, with a plan to significantly increase the number of authorised users of EDIS so that A&E departments could more quickly process patients and ensure that patient data was more widely available within hospitals.

The patient tracking function delivers a real-time picture of patients in the department, their location, who is treating them, their presenting problem and or diagnosis, any outstanding tests and results and much more.

In Australia and NZ Public Hospitals are government run. Ordinarily hospitals would need to go through a time-consuming process to obtain authorisation to extend and pay for additional users of their A&E EDIS applications. DLA & Omnis have agreed a protocol with DXC Australia so that we can provide an immediate user count extension on request.

The “Free COVID-19 partnership” with DXC Technology provides EDIS hospital users with interim free Omnis licence extensions. DLA and DXC are currently in discussion to expand this offering to British and Canadian Hospitals.

In addition, DXC has offered a service to Australian government under which it can provide all hardware and software, including EDIS, to open new 100-bed hospitals on 5 days notice!

This is our way of assisting hospitals to manage their data and better treat our friends who have unfortunately contracted Covid-19. We are proud to be able to play our part at this difficult time.

Why Omnis?

Omnis Studio is a powerful application development environment that lets you build desktop, web and/or mobile apps in less time and with fewer resources than with most other tools. It provides a complete, integrated development environment with a powerful method editor and a debugger that let you write and edit code quickly. So applications can be ready for deployment within weeks, not months.

Developing with Omnis Studio supports agile software development, shortens the time to market drastically and saves significant resources. This is an important advantage given the current shortage of developers world-wide.

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