May 3, 2018 asmith

Omnis Academy Launches in Australia & New Zealand

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Omnis Academy in Australia and New Zealand with courses to be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. The Academy will be delivered by The DLA Group, the official Omnis distributor in that region. To enable the launch of the Academy, and to expand their operations in that region, DLA has recruited Vik Shah (photo), a long term Omnis developer who has a wealth of experience in R&D, Project Management, and Application Development — all the way to Complex Network & Corporate Security solutions.
Vik Shah
“Vik is an outstanding IT professional — committed, passionate, engaged, and one of those rare people with the capacity to think outside the box. Vik loves life and loves the work that he does, so he is a valuable asset to our business,” said David Lewis, CEO of The DLA Group and Chairman of the Omnis board. Vik is joining The DLA Group as a consultant, and will continue to work with his current clients, including Keys2Solutions.
Vik Shah will spearhead the introduction of our successful Omnis Academy training courses in Australia and New Zealand, and will also manage the Omnis 7 conversion service to Omnis Studio for all DLA’s clients in South East Asia. Another major focus of Vik’s will be managing their expansion of Omnis developer numbers throughout the region.

Information and Registration

In the Omnis Academy course, you will learn about the Omnis JavaScript Client technology, for developing web and mobile applications with Omnis Studio, including object orientation, database access, JavaScript form and UI design, and the course is completely free of charge. Spread over 3 days, you will build a mobile application for managing orders for tables in a restaurant, called “Cucina Piccola”. We will provide a resource library with sample code and templates, the final Cucina Piccola app, and complete step-by-step documentation.
The academy course is available in many parts of the world, but the new “in-class” courses for Australia & New Zealand include the following cities and dates:
Sydney: 16-18 July, 12-14 Nov, 2018
Brisbane: 3-5 Sept, 2018
Perth: 5-7 Sept, 2018
Auckland: 13-15 Aug, 2018
Vik Shah will present the course in Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland, while long term Omnis developer Paul Mulroney will teach the course in Perth.
For more information and registration, please go to the Omnis website:
You can work through the academy course online, with videos, docs and the resource libraries, but we urge you to take advantage of this fantastic offer to learn the latest Omnis Studio and JavaScript Client “face to face” with these top professionals from the Omnis community.

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