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Omnis Academy allows you to Learn Web & Mobile app development, for free


The Omnis Academy provides a great way to learn how to create web & mobile apps, either online at your own pace or in a classroom setting with one of our expert consultants – and the best part of our Academy offer, is that it’s completely free of charge! The online course comprises a set of 5 well-crafted videos, available in English and German, and complete documentation, again in English or German, which you can download and read at your leisure. The classroom option comprises 2-3 days of intensive and fun learning with a number of other developers, and lead by one of our consultants who have many years of experience consulting for customers as well as training experience. (The classroom based course is suitable for those new to Omnis Studio, but with previous programming knowledge, or existing developers wanting to learn the latest version 10 or update their skills to web & mobile app development.)

A recent Academy training course was held in Brisbane, Australia, by our Omnis distributor in that region ‘The DLA Group’ – the course was led by Vik Shah, an expert Omnis developer of many years’ experience, with many successful commercial apps to his name, and a popular speaker at Omnis conferences. The course was held over two days and the attendees found it extremely useful and exhilarating! In this blog post we are very happy to report their comments and experiences on the course.

“I have managed multiple projects by leading a team of IT professionals over the past 10yrs. I research a lot of contemporary tools and technologies when working on projects and I am always on the lookout for what is out there that we can use. Omnis Studio is a hidden gem just waiting to be found. I was impressed by the simplicity and power of Omnis. There is still more to learn and see in Omnis Studio and this was a great start. Vik’s passion, enthusiasm and love for Omnis Studio was also hard to miss, I can totally see why he loves Omnis.”
Tapan Shah, Program Manager, Department of Transport and Main, Queensland Government, expert in Project Management.

“Being a seasoned Omnis developer and using Omnis Studio day-in-day-out Vik still managed to surprise me with his depth of knowledge and I was able to learn a few new things about Omnis. After 19yrs working in Omnis Studio I am happy to know that I can still be surprised. This was a bespoke course that was created for this short and intense training event, a good stepping-stone before diving into the full Omnis Academy training.”
Hiren Patel, Lead Developer (Omnis), Urbanise (urbanise.com), expert in Omnis Studio.

“The Academy training was organised very well, keeping the audience in mind. We had mix of people with development and non-development backgrounds, but Vik had covered training very nicely. Omnis is a great tool with a lot of items built in which would require days/months if it would have been done with custom programming. I am keen to learn more in Omnis as there is a lot to learn . Thanks to The DLA Group & Omnis for providing the training.”
Viraj Shah, Team leader (consulting), Pragmatic IT Solutions (consulting for Queensland Health), expert in J2EE Analyst & Programmer.

(Shown in our title pic, left to right: Tapan Shah, Hiren Patel, Viraj Shah.)

More info & registration

If you would like more information about the Omnis Academy, or to register for a course, please visit our website: https://www.omnis.net/academy/

Choose the ‘Online Academy’ option for the online training (videos & docs in English or German), or select the ‘In the Classroom’ option to find out about the different locations and next dates in 2019, which include:

Germany: 26 – 28 Aug
Benelux: 03 – 05 Sept
Spain 16 – 18 Sept
Italy 14 – 16 Oct
USA: 29 – 31 Oct
France: 12 – 14 Nov
UK: 26 – 28 Nov
Australia: 04 – 06 Dec

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