March 9, 2020 Andrew

Next Major Release of Omnis Studio will Accelerate your Web & Mobile app development

The next major release of Omnis Studio will be Version 10.2, and it is currently in its first BETA phase, with many Omnis developers already looking at it and testing out its great new features. If you are on the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) you can apply to try out the BETA of Omnis Studio 10.2, which allows you to see what features are coming up, and help us create tools that meet your biggest challenges.

To give you a flavor of what you’ll be able to test if you join the BETA program, here is a quick summary of the main features in Studio 10.2 BETA*:-

  • MultiProcess Server
    in the new release you will be able to run the Linux Headless Server in “MultiProcess Server” (MPS) mode which will allow you to run your application on a multi-core processor server, providing significant performance improvements for your Omnis Server based, web and mobile applications.
  • Method Editor & Code Editor
    enhancements in the Code Editor  will include Code Folding whereby you can collapse and expand specific code constructs, in order to assist with readability and code manipulation; the new BETA release also includes Word Wrapping whereby long lines of code will wrap onto the next line, also assisting code readability.
  • Other enhancements in the BETA
    there have been various enhancements made in some of the JS controls including: new style & positioning properties for the Data Picker for Edit controls and Data Grids; plus for Data grids you can now select multiple rows from the keyboard.

In the near future we are planning a second BETA with several more enhancements, that we anticipate will be included in the final release. If you would like to try the new BETA2, but missed out on the first one, then please apply to join the program. We expect the second BETA* to include the following enhancements:-

  • OAUTH2 Authorization
    we will add support for OAUTH2 authorization by adding a new OAUTH2 Worker Object, which can then be called from the other workers (HTTP, IMAP, POP3, and SMTP) to gain OAUTH2 authorization.
  • Position Assistance
    to help you design forms and a better UI, we have added object “position assistance” which means that visual guides (colored lines) are displayed automatically when you move or resize objects using the mouse (pointer) in a remote form (also for reports & window editor); objects will resize or snap to the underlying form grid in relation to nearby objects.
  • JS Edit Input Masks
    we have added support for input masks to JS Edit controls, which will allow you to use custom input masks to control user input on a character level.

Sign up for the BETA Program

If you would like to sign up to the BETA program for Omnis Studio 10.2, please fill out the application form on our Developer website:

*We anticipate the features described here and in the BETA documentation will be in the final release software, but we cannot guarantee their inclusion or their exact implementation, and when you apply to test the BETA you must agree to the BETA test license.

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