November 10, 2020 Andrew

New Release Omnis Studio 10.2 makes your app development quicker & easier

The new Omnis Studio 10.2 release provides a wealth of new features and enhancements and focuses on two important objectives: Omnis Studio 10.2 offers a wealth of exciting new features to make your app development even faster and to enable you to make your apps even more appealing and user-friendly.

Innovations for building attractive apps with improved usability and a better UX

The first impression can be decisive for the success of an app, both in the market and among users within a company. Therefore Omnis Studio 10.2 includes many new features and enhancements that will make it easier and more fun for you to build beautiful apps:

  • A wealth of new and enhanced JavaScript controls including a new JS Split Button Control and enhancements to Edit Controls and Data Grids
  • Animations for a modern UX
  • JavaScript Client Themes to manage colors in your app
  • Scalable SVG icons and themed (JS only) to match the selected color scheme
  • Many new Window controls for desktop apps including a new Token Entry Field, the new Breadcrumb control, and enhancements to the Check Box control
  • Side Panels for desktop apps that slide out automatically (vertical panels containing clickable options or other content)
  • Toast Messages for desktop apps
  • Components can now better cater to touch devices

Designing beautiful apps is now easier than ever with new helpful tools including:

  • Position Assistance
    in a remote form, report or window class design screen
  • Web Preview
    for designing a JavaScript Remote form to preview the look and behavior at runtime in the end user’s browser

Omnis Studio 10.2 also makes localization for web & mobile apps easier so you can translate your apps to multiple languages:

  • Localization has been optimized, reducing data size for multi-language applications
  • German, French, Italian and Spanish are supported by default, while support for other languages can be added

New features to speed up your development and ease maintenance of your apps

  • The Omnis Remote Debugger has been further enhanced. You can now edit methods and code while stepping through live code in the Remote Debugger
  • Omnis Studio 10.2 now generates OpenAPI 3.0.0 definitions, as well as Swagger 2.0 definitions for a RESTful web service
  • Support of regular expressions in your Omnis code, or for Find and Replace via the PCRE2 library
  • General support for OAUTH2 authorization for the OW3 worker objects
  • Enhancements to the IMAP, HASH, and the FTP workers
  • Support for dragging and dropping operating system files and file data (in the thick client) has been simplified providing more control

With the new release you can increase performance for your server based, web and mobile apps:

  • The Linux Headless Server can now be run in MultiProcess Server (MPS) mode utilizing the multi-core processors on your server

And for those customers who want to convert an Omnis data file to either SQLite or PostgreSQL, this is much faster now as the DML emulator has been substantially re-written for Studio 10.2 to improve performance.

Omnis Studio 10.2 Online Launch Events

If you want to learn more details about the new release and see it live, you should attend one of our Omnis Studio 10.2 Online Launch Events, available for customers in North America, Germany, and Scandinavia. Omnis Studio 10.2 Online Launch Event

We will show the exciting new features in Omnis Studio 10.2 for web, mobile and desktop apps, and present the major enhancements in IDE, Fat client and server as well as in the JavaScript Client. And we will also talk about the Omnis Roadmap. So don’t miss these online events.

If you want to attend a Studio 10.2 Online Launch Event, read more on our Events page:

New Omnis Webinars

In case you can’t attend one of the Online Launch events, don’t worry: we will provide a new type of webinar about all the ‘Highlights of Omnis Studio 10.2’ many times over the next 3 months. Please have a look at our webinar schedule at:

Download and Free trial

The new Omnis Studio 10.2 release is available for download from our website. If you want to evaluate it you can register for a free, 90-day trial serial number on our website.

Upgrade to Studio 10.2

All customers currently on the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) can update to Studio 10.2 free of charge, plus updates of your existing runtime, web or mobile licenses from 10.0/10.1 to 10.2 are available free of charge on request.

For information about upgrading to Studio 10.2 please contact your local sales office via our contacts page:

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