April 5, 2018 asmith

New Omnis App Manager Helps iOS App Developers

We are delighted to announce the availability of a brand new tool for Omnis iOS app developers. The ‘Omnis App Manager’ allows Omnis developers to create and manage configurations to connect to their Omnis applications. This is very useful when you’re developing your mobile app and need to test it quickly, without having to compile your Omnis app into the proper Omnis iOS wrapper. You can download the new App Manager tool from the iTunes iOS app store:

Once you download and install the App Manager, you can create a new configuration to access your Omnis app running on the Omnis App Server. You will need to provide the usual app and server information.
If you wish to deploy your Omnis application as an iOS app, you should download the Omnis iOS ‘wrapper’ project from our website, and build a stand-alone branded iOS app for your particular app. The wrappers and docs are available here (including source for iOS, Android and Windows 10):

Advantage of creating standalone apps

You can run any Omnis JavaScript app in a standard browser on a macOS desktop or any iOS device including MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads (as well as Android and Windows desktops and mobiles). However, there are many advantages of creating ‘fully-fledged’ native apps on iOS using the wrappers we provide. For example, when running in an iOS app, applications can access additional features, such as:

  • Local SQLite database support.
  • Data synchronization with any supported backend DB.
  • Photo Stream & Camera access.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Access Contacts on the device.
  • Run the app offline.

Our new App Manager tool will help you test your iOS apps more easily, and allow you to complete your iOS app project that little bit quicker!

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