June 25, 2018 asmith

New JSCBridge in Studio 8.1.6 lets you run JS Client forms on the Desktop

The Omnis Studio 8.1.6 provides enhancements to the OBrowser window component, to enable the use a new HTML control JSCBridge that allows you to run the Omnis JavaScript Client within OBrowser in a desktop (fat client) form, and to enhance HTML controls including support for dates.

JSCBridge & HTML Controls

The JavaScript Client Bridge (JSCBridge) is a new HTML control that allows you to run the Omnis JavaScript Client within OBrowser in a standard Window Class, which means you can open a Remote Form in the desktop (fat client) version of Omnis Studio, passing data between the form and Omnis.
The JSCBridge control source code and documentation is available on the Omnis Studio GitHub repository:
In addition, HTML controls can now use Date variables as their $dataname. In order to use dates, the .htm file for the control needs to include a link to a new JavaScript file omn_date.js which enables dates: this has been added to the template included in this version, but you will need to add it to any existing html for controls.

Control Classnames & other enhancements

All JavaScript controls now have a base class name to allow you to control the appearance of controls using CSS, and apply a consistent appearance for each type of JavaScript control. The classnames can be added to the ‘user.css’ and CSS properties applied to the classname to control the appearance of each type of control. For example, to add CSS styling to all the Edit controls in your remote forms you could add the base classname .omnis-input to the user.css file (in the ‘html/css’ folder) and add any CSS properties such as font face and size.
Other enhancements in Studio 8.1.6 include a new option to suppress library conversion prompts “disableAllLibraryConversionPrompts”, the “headlessAcceptConsoleCommands” has been set to false to free up CPU on the Headless Server, plus client UUIDs are now stored in the ‘localStorage’ on each client which removes the need for clients to have cookies enabled.

More information & Download

For more information about Studio 8.1.6 read the ‘What’s New in Studio 8.1.6’ doc (Whatsnew816.pdf), and to download the latest installers, please go to the Download page on Omnis website.

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