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Learn New Skills for Free in the Omnis Academy

It’s a new year (happy new year readers, btw) and with it comes new resolutions, new opportunities and hopefully many new adventures! If you are an application developer you might be continually looking for new products or new ways to work, by yourself or in your team. So maybe one resolution you could make this year is to explore new technologies for creating web or mobile applications with Omnis Studio. Whether you are completely new to Omnis (maybe you just stumbled on this blog), or you have been using Omnis for many years, then we would like to suggest that now is a great time to get into the very latest version of Omnis Studio (version 8.1 & JavaScript Client), to learn new skills, and accelerate your application development onto a new level.
The Omnis Academy provides 3 days training, free of charge, in using the latest version of Omnis Studio 8.1.x, and the JavaScript Client for building web and mobile apps – the course is great for beginners to Omnis Studio (but some programming knowledge is essential), or existing Omnis developers wanting to learn about the latest release of Studio 8, or to learn about the JavaScript Client. This is your chance to learn, free of charge, how to create web and mobile apps, quickly and easily, using one of the most productive application development tools on the market: Omnis Studio.

New Dates for 2018

We have added new dates in 2018 for the Omnis Academy for all the locations around the world, and we urge you to book early to avoid disappointment – although the course is free, we ask you to book so we know the exact number of attendees and we can send you all the details regarding location, suggestions for hotel accommodation, and so on.
Here are the locations and the first dates in 2018.

  • Germany – course held in German in our Hamburg office
    Date: 22-24 January, 19-21 February, etc
    Details & registration: www.omnis.net/academy/academy_de.jsp
  • Benelux – course held in English by our German staff
    Date: 29-31 January, 26-28 February
    Details & registration: www.omnis.net/academy/academy_en.jsp
  • France – course held in French in our Paris office
    Date: 13-15 February, 4-6 April
    Details & registration: www.omnis.net/academy/academy_fr.jsp
  • Italy – course held in Italian in Milan by our distributor SoftPI
    Date: 5-7 March
    Details & registration: www.omnis.net/academy/academy_it.jsp
  • USA – course held in Dallas/Grapevine, Texas
    Date: 16-18 January
    Details & registration: www.omnis.net/academy/academy_us.jsp
  • UK – course held in Milton Keynes by our UK staff
    Date: 27 Feb – 1 March
    Details & registration: www.omnis.net/academy/academy_uk.jsp

More details about the Academy

For more details about the Omnis Academy, and to access the online course materials including videos and docs, please go to:

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