June 18, 2019 asmith

Learn how to create web & mobile apps for free in the Omnis Academy

The Omnis Academy provides a unique opportunity to learn how to create web and mobile apps, for free using the latest version of Omnis Studio. You can learn online, by stepping though a series of exercises, with comprehensive online docs and videos (recorded by Andreas Pfeiffer, senior consultant in our German office), or you can attend a 3-day class, completely free of charge, in a city in your region.

In July 2019 we are holding our academy classes in the following locations, and we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our classes:-

  • Hamburg, Germany: 01 – 03 July  
  • Benelux: 9 – 11 July  
  • Brisbane, Australia: 13 – 14 July (note 2 day)
  • Paris, France: 23 – 25 July  

While the courses are free to attend, you must book, since places are limited and can fill up quickly – and we need to make the necessary arrangements at the training facility.


To register, visit our website https://www.omnis.net/academy/ and click on your country/location under the “In the Classroom” section – there you can select a date and fill out all your details.

More about the Academy Course

The Omnis Academy course is aimed at developers with some basic programming knowledge, and is ideal for self-employed developers, enterprise developers, students, Omnis partners and prospects.

  • Learn Omnis Studio, one of the most productive and flexible development environments 
  • Enhance your programming and application development skills 
  • Learn at your own pace online, or step-by-step in a classroom location 
  • Our online and in-class tutors have many years of experience developing business apps for many industries

In the Omnis Academy course you will learn about the Omnis JavaScript Client technology, for developing web and mobile applications with Omnis Studio, including object orientation, database access, JavaScript form and UI design.

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