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Join us to create a Web or Mobile Application with Omnis Studio in the Omnis Webinars

The Omnis Webinars provide a great way to find out about Omnis Studio, and to learn about how you can use Omnis to create web and mobile applications, quickly and easily. If you are looking for a new application development tool, or looking to upgrade to the latest version of Omnis Studio, then attending one of our webinars is a great way to bring yourself up to speed. The webinars are aimed at developers of all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced programmers: the webinars are hosted by our different regional offices and distributors, and are available in English, German, Spanish and Italian.  All the sessions are easy to follow and are tailored to the group of participants on the day. 

The following topics are available: 

  1. Introduction to Omnis Studio – starts with the basics and is ideal for developers or business owners who are new to Omnis Studio, or existing Omnis developers who are using an old version of Studio or Omnis 7 (see the next dates below…)
  2. Omnis Studio 10 highlights – all about the new features and enhancements in Omnis Studio 10, including the new Code Editor
  3. Mobile App Development with JavaScript Client, including designing remote form & JS controls for mobile devices
  4. Web App Development with JavaScript Client, including designing remote form & JS controls for tablets & desktop browsers
  5. Developing Standalone Mobile Applications, including information about the wrappers for creating apps for iOS & Android

The following dates are available for the ‘Introduction to Omnis Studio’ webinar for January, February and March in 2020:

‘Introduction to Omnis Studio’ – Dates in 2020
Language January February March
Spanish 8 Jan 5 Feb 4 Mar
English 23 Jan 20 Feb 19 Mar
German 23 Jan 20 Feb 19 Mar
Italian 10 Feb 9 Mar

More information and registration

The webinars are free, but you must register so we can provide you with connection details to join the webinar session on the day. For more information about all the webinars, please go to the Omnis website: to register, select your language/location, then select your preferred date, and fill out your details.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our webinars in 2020! 

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