May 4, 2020 Andrew

Get Ready to Accelerate your App Development with Omnis Studio 10.2 – Beta 2 is available

We hope that we find you well during these challenging times, and that you are able to spend more time with Omnis! In February, we provided the first beta version of Omnis Studio 10.2, and some of you have been testing it and reporting your findings to us – we thank you for your participation in our beta program! 

Despite the necessary restrictions to protect against Corona Virus, and the need for all us to work in our home offices, the Omnis Engineering team has been very productive and completed a Second Beta for Studio 10.2, which includes some important and exciting new additions. All of the following features and enhancements have been added to BETA2*, which we are sure will greatly enhance your existing & future application development projects:

  • OAUTH2 Authorization
    Support for a new OAUTH2 Worker Object in the OW3 Worker component package, while the HTTP, IMAP, POP3, and SMTP workers have been modified to support OAUTH2 authorization via the new dedicated worker object.
  • Position Assistance
    Visual guides are displayed automatically when you move or resize objects using the mouse (pointer) in a remote form, report or window class design screen. As you move or resize objects colored lines are shown and objects will snap into position to help you arrange the objects in a form or report.
  • JS Edit Input Masks
    The $inputmask property has been added to JS Edit controls which allows for the use of a custom input mask string to control user input on a character level. If the user enters an invalid character, the control will briefly become highlighted and the input will be rejected.
  • Localization
    The localization of the JavaScript Client has been improved to make localization easier for developers, as well as reducing data size for applications that support multiple languages by only loading the required language file(s) if they are needed.
  • OpenAPI for Web Services
    Omnis now generates an OpenAPI 3.0.0 definition for a RESTful service as well as Swagger 2.0. OpenAPI is a more up to date version of the RESTful API description format.
  • Toast Messages for desktop apps
    Toast messages are currently available for remote forms (using a client command), but this enhancement allows you to open toast messages in your desktop apps (small messages that typically popup at the bottom of the screen), via a window instance for example, using a new $showtoast method.

Another important addition in Omnis Studio 10.2 in BETA2 is support for a Subscription Based License model. With this additional licensing option we want to support a wider range of different business models and enable you to provide subscription based licensing for your Omnis apps:

  • Subscription Based Licenses
    We have added support for Subscription Based Licenses of monthly and yearly duration. We anticipate that this will be configured by a new license type and with a license management portal for license administration.

Everyone who participated in the Beta 1 test will automatically receive access to Beta 2. If you did not take part in the beta test for Studio 10.2, but would like to test the second beta, and would have the time to report your findings back to us, then please register on our website. 

Please note the beta test program is open to ODPP members only, although in some cases we would welcome applications from developers willing to test specific new features and report back to us with their feedback. 

Sign up for the BETA Program

If you would like to sign up to test BETA2 for Omnis Studio 10.2, please fill out the application form on our Developer website: 

We hope that many of you will test Studio 10.2 beta 2 and will report any issues you may find to us and help us ensure the highest possible quality and stability for the final release of Studio 10.2. Thank you so much for your assistance! 

*We anticipate the features described here and in the BETA documentation will be in the final release software, but we cannot guarantee their inclusion or their exact implementation, and when you apply to test the BETA you must agree to the BETA test license.

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