June 22, 2020 Andrew

Developer Resources from Omnis Software will Help you Build World-class Web & Mobile Applications

When you are developing Web & Mobile applications you need a great development tool, such as Omnis Studio, but you also need plenty of help and resources that go alongside the core development tools. This will include Support and Consultancy services, but many other sources of information and technical help, including from the wider developer community. Fortunately for Omnis developers, there is no shortage of useful and varied resources available from Omnis Software and elsewhere, to help you build your web & mobile applications quickly and efficiently.

Our Omnis Developer Resources web page is the main hub for all the technical information and help that you would ever need, and apart from our paid-for technical support, all of it is freely available from us, our partners, or the Omnis developer community. The main areas of help and resources include:-

  • Developers – full online Documentation for Omnis Studio 10 and an archive of older versions and tools; a whole catalog of Tech Notes that cover a vast array of technical tips and techniques; access to a Video Library including playbacks of conference sessions.
  • Downloads – free access to the Latest Installers for Omnis Studio 10; the installers for the JavaScript Wrappers; installers for Patches and Updates; and many other downloads.
  • Forum – here you access the discussion forum provided by the Omnis developer community; sign up today and join the discussion! You can join the forum here.

You can access the Omnis Developer Resources here. There are many other external and third-party resources and we will list a few of them here.

Omnis on GitHub

There is a repository on GitHub containing over 100 useful tools and libraries, including: a library to demo OAuth2 integration with Omnis; a JavaScript Bridge (JSCBridge) allowing you to run the Omnis JS Client within oBrowser; a sample application OmniSnap, showing local database, GPS and camera support in a Serverless Client app; a JSON defined Signature Component to capture users’ signature; a JSON defined component to display star ratings. See Omnis of GitHub here: github.com/OmnisStudio

Omnis on YouTube

The Omnis YouTube channel contains many video of sessions from Omnis Developer conferences as well as other learning resources, including the Omnis Academy 5-part training course showing you how to create an application from beginning to end – available in English and German. Visit our YouTube channel here.

Omnis Online Training

We provide 6 100-minute training courses on a whole range of topics, including: the “Basics”, Database connectivity, Messenger apps, Menu systems, REST web services, and Mobile apps. The Omnis Academy also provides a structured online training course, with videos and full documentation which you can access at any time – this is available in English and German, plus the docs are available in Spanish. Sign up to our online training here: omnis.net/developers/academy

Partner Program

If you want to use Omnis Studio for your next development project then we seriously recommend joining the Omnis Developer Partner Program (the ODPP), in which you will gain access to the right mix of application development tools and technical services, such as Technical Support and Consultancy. Access information about the ODPP here, or speak to our sales teams in your region, via our Contact page.


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