April 20, 2020 Andrew

Developer Program provides the best mix of products and service to create your app

If you have a great new idea for an app, or you need to create a system for your organisation, then you need to find the right application development tool to help you create the app – but finding the right tool is only half the story! Alongside the tools you will use to create your app, you need the backup of a successful and responsive company, with the right support options, to help you throughout your project and during the lifetime of your app. Omnis Software prides itself in providing a great application development tool, Omnis Studio, and a comprehensive set of technical support and consultancy services to help you every step of the way.

You can buy our products and any service separately, but it might be better in the long-run for you to consider one of our combined product & support options, to help you get your app done in record time. The Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) provides just that mix of application development tools and expert technical services and consultancy. So the developer program provides significant benefits and cost savings when compared to purchasing the Omnis Studio package and deployment licenses outside of the program. The ODPP consists of several program levels, and is available for single developers, as well as teams of multiple developers, which can be purchased for an annual fee.

The ODPP provides the following benefits:

  • You get reduced deployment costs so your app is more competitive.
  • You get minor version updates for free and when they are ready.
  • You get the very latest Omnis Studio SDK release so you are always up-to-date.
  • You get unlimited Technical Support from our worldwide team of technicians who have direct access to the software engineers who create the development tools to help you solve the trickiest of development problems.
  • You get online access to Fault reporting so any issues are addressed very quickly and you can track anything you have reported.
  • Optional Runtime Maintenance Agreement (RMA) to help you spread the cost of your app deployments over the lifetime of your software.
  • You get discounts on consulting, so you can work with our team of expert Omnis developers who literally have decades of programming experience.
  • From single developers to large multinational teams of developers, the developer program scales to cater to everyone’s  needs!
  • You always receive the latest version and any new releases of the Omnis Studio developer licenses automatically and without any additional cost.
  • You get much higher discounts on upgrades of deployment licenses.
  • You can participate in the Omnis Beta Program and so get prior notice about upcoming new features.
  • You get access to the Omnis Developer Area with patches, pre-releases and other helpful items.
  • You can participate in oVote which allows you to express your preferences for new features that will go into the next release.

So as you can see, over the long-term signing up to our developer program provides the best combination of up-to-date application development tools and a full range of support options, to bring your software solution to full realization and to market, quickly and easily!

More information  – talk to us…

We would love to discuss your plans for building your application and all your requirements to get yourself, or your team, up to speed with Omnis Studio and the developer program. Please take a look at our website, for more information about the Omnis Developer Partner Program, and then please do make contact with us – we can answer any questions you have about the program and we would love to discuss the best options for your company and the software project you have in mind.


We look forward to hearing from you – and welcoming you, or your team, onto our developer program!



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