November 22, 2021 Andrew

Create Mobile Apps for Android and iOS using the JavaScript Wrappers

Omnis Studio allows you to create applications quickly and easily, for all platforms and devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices, on all the popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Not only this, but you can use the same code base in your application (library and classes) to cater to all these platforms and devices, without modification. So end users can access the same application on the Omnis Server regardless of the platform or device they are using – your Omnis app will run in the web browser on the end user’s computer or mobile device, using the unique and powerful Omnis JavaScript Client technology, so in a single stroke you can cater to all platforms and devices. 

Together with running your app in a web browser, on any platform or device, you can compile the same app (the same application file/library code) into a mobile app for running directly on Android and iOS mobile devices including phones and tablets – you do this using the JavaScript Wrappers, which are available for Android and iOS. Such mobile apps can be uploaded to the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore for end users to buy and/or download, or you could distribute your app inside a company for private use. 

Using the JavaScript Wrappers to create a dedicated mobile app provides much greater integration with the features and OS on the phone or tablet (features that are not available when running your app in a web browser alone). Specifically, you can use the JS Device Control (embedded in the form) to access many features of the phone running the app, such as:

  • Getting the location of the end user’s device using GPS,
  • Retrieving the contacts information from the device, or
  • Returning images from either the camera or photo library on the device – plus you can use the camera on the device to scan a Barcode or QR-code and return its encoded information. 

Alternatively, on iOS only, you can use the Omnis App Manager to test your mobile app and the functions of the Device Control, prior to compiling it into a standalone app using the iOS JavaScript Wrapper.

Download the Wrappers

We have just released a new version of the JavaScript Wrappers for Android and iOS, that are compatible with Omnis Studio 10.2 (Rev 31315 – Nov 2021) or higher. We provide the project files for each platform, full details on how to configure your project and a step-by-step guide to building your app for Android and iOS.

Please visit the Omnis Developer site:

More info…

For more information about the Device control, please look at the online docs:

More information about using the Omnis App Manager on iOS, which has also been updated for Studio 10.2, is available here:

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