November 1, 2018 asmith

An important announcement about Omnis Studio

Today Omnis Software is announcing the new release of Omnis Studio, due to be released in early 2019, will be version 10 instead of version 9.
We believe the significant development of version 10 marks a new era for Omnis Software and the renumbering reflects this step change in our product, marketing and ambition.
In addition, Omnis Studio version 10 will have a new serial number structure which will enable us to classify new options and products.
We are proud of the technical features realized with Omnis Studio version 10, and we would like to remind you about some of the major new features:

  • The new free-type Method Editor is a major step forward and will make it much easier for new developers to opt for Omnis (the image shows the new Find and Replace)
  • The Remote Debugging will further add to one of the biggest strengths of Omnis Studio: our world-class debugger (available in the next beta)
  • And we have started to give the Omnis objects, including JS Client and Fat client components, a more modern & attractive appearance

We would welcome any comments or questions you have regarding this announcement, or the new version of Omnis Studio, so please do not hesitate to contact your local sales office, listed here: