March 30, 2020 Andrew

Accelerate your Web & Mobile App Development: Sign up to the NEW Omnis Academy Online Training

The Omnis Academy provides the perfect introduction to creating and developing web & mobile applications, using one of the most powerful and flexible tools available today, Omnis Studio 10. And we are delighted to announce that we are now providing a brand new Online Training option that provides 100-minute online sessions with our expert trainers and consultants, on a whole range of application development topics, including a course for beginners.

The Omnis Academy provides free, online training in how to create applications that can be run on the web, and on iOS & Android mobile devices – the academy is a great introduction to application design, and would also be a great way to get your first Omnis development project started. We currently provide three types of training in Omnis Studio: Online Training which provides live scheduled courses with our expert trainers, Video Tutorials which you can step through online at your own pace, and In-class Training (although the latter has been suspended until later in the year due to the Covid-19 health travel restrictions.)

Online Training

Our brand-new Online Training provides you with a great opportunity to learn about all aspects of application development, using the latest version of Omnis Studio. The new training provides six different courses, each 90 minutes long, and conducted by our own Omnis trainers and technical consultants, who have many years’ experience using Omnis Studio and developing applications for customers large and small, and for many different types of industry – so they are well versed in all the different steps needed to create successful web and mobile applications.

The online training includes a course for beginners or existing Omnis developers who are new to Omnis Studio 10 or developing JavaScript applications for the first time – the other courses build on those basic skills and cover more specialized or advanced topics. The following courses are available:

  • Omnis Studio Basics in Developing Web and Mobile Apps
    allows you to get started quickly and easily with Omnis Studio and will take you through all the basic steps needed to create an app.
  • Omnis Studio Database Connectivity
    will teach you all about connecting to a server database which will serve as the backbone of your web and mobile applications.
  • Developing a Messenger App in Omnis Studio
    will show you how to create a messenger app using a bubble interface and push notifications.
  • Enhance your Omnis Apps by Implementing a menu system
    shows you how to create a role-based menu access system to provide different levels of security in your application and control who sees what.
  • Enhance your Omnis Apps by Implementing a REST Service Client and Server
    shows you how to add a RESTful interface to your applications so you can access many powerful, third-party services and data, or you can provide your own REST service.
  • Develop Standalone Mobile Apps
    shows you how to create a mobile app that will run without a connection but can be synced to consolidate yours and others’ data.

We are very excited to be launching the new Online Training which will hopefully mean you and many other Omnis developers will learn more great Omnis technology to use in your current and future Omnis development projects. The new training is available on our website:

Video Tutorials

If you cannot attend one of our online training sessions, then you can complete our step-by-step training using our Video Tutorials – the advantage of this option is that you can step through at your own pace, completing different parts when you can. The video tutorials take you through the necessary steps to create a web & mobile based app for managing customers and orders in a restaurant: we provide full documentation, complete sample libraries and code to download, and there are specially recorded videos, recorded by Andreas Pfeiffer, experienced trainer and senior consultant from our German office.

There are 5 separate videos that take you through the academy course, step-by-step – the videos are available in English and German, while the docs are available in English, German and Spanish. The five parts are:-

  • Part 1: First steps and creating the service staff remote form
  • Part 2: Enhancing the restaurant service form & showing the picture
  • Part 3: Making the order button & writing the record into the database
  • Part 4: Implementing the Corporate Identity & developing a second remote form
  • Part 5: Adding a push service to synchronize all devices & creating a report class to print the bill

After you complete all the stages of the online academy you will have a fully working application that you can test on your tablet or mobile, either on Android or Apple devices (the same app is used for both). We provide all the modules in the application in a Resources library (which you download), so if you want to shortcut or skip any stages you can by copying classes and code – this is all described in the videos.

We feel sure that if you spend the time to work through the Omnis Academy course you will learn so much about application development, and be able to use the skills you have gained. The video tutorials are available here:


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