Omnis Technical Note TNNO0015

Defining a list with up to 400 columns

For all version of Omnis Studio
Prepared by: Technical Support

This technical note discusses the number of columns you can define for a list (in response to fault ST/NT/521).

When defining a list using list.$define(param1,param2,...) you can specify up to 255 parameters, that is, you can define a list with up to 255 columns using this method. Using parameter 256 will reset the list definition back to zero columns and any further parameters will restart from column 1. However, it is possible to define a list that has up to a maximum of 400 columns using the $add() method against the $cols group of the list to define each column in turn. The $add() method is specified as follows:

list.$cols.$add(columnname,Data_Type,Data_SubType, Data_ SubLength)


Columnname is the name to be used for the column
The columnname does not have to have been defined already, but you may refer to it in the notation,
for example:

Do iList1.$cols.$add('Col1',kCharacter,kSimplechar,10)
Do iList1.Col1.$assign('My Value')

Data_Type is one of the defined Data Type Constants

Data_SubType is one of the defined Data SubType Constants

Data_SubLength Zero unless it is specifying the size of a Character/National field.

Please note that when using list.$cols.$add(), the list does not have to have been previously defined, that is, you are defining the list 'on the fly'. If the list has already been defined, the new columns will be appended to the end of the current columns, unless you use the $addbefore() or $addafter() list methods.

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