Omnis Technical Note TNLI0006 May 2012

OpenSSL Error when launching Omnis Studio under RedHat 6

For Omnis Studio 5.x
By Chris Stevens

When launcing Omnis Studio on a RedHat 6 distribution, you receive the following error:

Error loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object files: no such file or directory

RedHat 6 is not supplied with a version of OpenSSL that is suitable for use with Omnis Studio. You will therefore need to download and install an Open Source version of OpenSSL and make the recommended changes as follows:

1. Download a copy of OpenSSL from the OpenSSL website.
  Create a working directory to download and unzip the OpenSSL tar file, e.g.
$  mkdir /home/support/openssl098

The source code archive (OpenSSL-0.9.8w at time of writing) can be downloaded from
Please note that if you download a different version, then you will need to amend the commands below accordingly.

If you download the archive to a different directory, you should move it to the target directory, e.g.
$  mv /root/Downloads/openssl-0-9.8w.tar.gz  /home/support/openssl098
2. Unpack the downloaded archive.
  Change directory into the newly created folder:
$  cd /home/support/openssl098

To unpack the downloaded archive, use the following command:
$  tar -xvzf openssl-0-9.8w.tar.gz
3. Configure the build environment.
  You need to configure OpenSSL, but you do NOT want to over-write the existing OpenSSL that was installed by RedHat.
Use the following command to create a new OpenSSL folder in the /usr/local folder:
$  ./config --prefix=/usr/local/OpenSSL-0.9.8w --openssldir=/usr/local/OpenSSL-0.9.8w shared
4. Build the OpenSSL files.
  You now need to compile the OpenSSL bundle
$  make all
$  make test
5. Install the built OpenSSL bundle.
  Now as a Root user, you need to install the OpenSSL bundle
$  su root         (root password required)
$  mkdir /usr/local/OpenSSL-0.9.8w
$  make install
6. Test the newly built bundle (optional).
  You can test the install to see if all is working correctly:
$  /usr/local/OpenSSL-0.9.8w/bin/openssl version
You should get a response similar to:
$  OpenSSL 0.9.8w 23 APR 2012
7. Modify the Omnis runtime environment(s).
  You need to modify the Omnis script(s) to point to the newly installed OpenSSL bundle for the Design and/or Runtime environments.

You need to modify the Omnis omset script file, e.g.
  echo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=’pwd’:$\LD_LIBRARY_PATH >> omnisI386

so that it includes the OpenSSL path:
  echo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=’pwd’:/usr/local/OpenSSL-0.9.8w/lib:$\LD_LIBRARY_PATH >> omnisI386

Run the Omnis omset script to generate the new omnisI386
$  ./omset

Omnis should now launch without any further OpenSSL errors:
 $  ./omnisI386

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