Omnis Technical Note TNLI0003 Updated January 2004

How to run and use Omnis Studio on Linux platforms

For Omnis Studio 3.x and later (updated January 2004)

What are the minimum system requirements?
60MB of disk space, Pentium processor or better, 64MB of RAM, 1024x768 Display (16bit color or better)

What Linux distributions does Omnis Studio run on?
Omnis Studio has been tested to work on the following Linux distributions:
• Redhat 6.1 through 9.x
• SuSE 6.3 through 8.2
• Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 or higher
For using the web-client, Netscape 4.7x (not 4.8x) or 7.x must be installed on the computer.

Omnis Studio should run on other Linux distributions that have 2.0 or higher kernel, and xfree86 3.3.4 or higher. We are continually updating our list of supported Linux platforms.

What processors will Omnis Studio run on?
Omnis studio will only run on X86 compatible processors.

How do I start Omnis?
Assuming Omnis Studio 3.3: For the first time you need to move to
and there you execute once

After that you can start the program at

Can you explain the installation in a bit more detail?
And how do I develop software with Omnis Studio as a user other than root?

See Technical Note TNLI0001

When I test a remote form it doesn't appear in the web browser?
Web client will only work in Netscape 4.72, 7.x, or higher. Be sure that the Web Client plugin is installed. See also Technical Note TNLI0001

Where's the Omnis menubar?
The most common reason that the menu bar cannot be seen is that it becomes obscured by other windows. Try moving some of the windows downward and you should see it.

How do I obtain support for Omnis Studio for Linux?
Please contact support.

How do I uninstall Omnis Studio for Linux?
Login as root, at a command prompt type:
rpm -r omnis.rpm
or, if installed with a taz archive, go to
make sure you are in the correct directory (using pwd) and then type
rm -R *

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