Omnis Technical Note TNDF0006 March 2010

How Do I Make my Data File Bigger by Creating New Segments?

for Omnis Studio v 4.x and 5.x
By Richard Mortimer

Deprecated Content
Due to its publication date, this technote contains information which may no longer be accurate or applicable on one or more of the platforms it refers to. Please refer to the index page which may contain updated information.

Make sure when backing up, restoring or attempting to increase the size of an Omnis data file that no one else has the Omnis Studio environment open on their workstation. Note that even though a user may appear to be logged off, the application may be running and may have one or more open data files.

Backups taken of a data file whilst any user has the data file open in Omnis Studio will be corrupt and you will not be able to restore successfully from them.

Before attempting to extend an Omnis data file please ensure that you have a good backup of all file segments. If your main data file segment is called myapp.df1 then additional segments will be called myapp.df2, myapp.df3 etc. Note that the segments all comprise one logical data file, but they might not all be in the same location.


1. Make sure that no other users have the Omnis Studio runtime or developer version open

2. Start up the Omnis Studio developer version (e.g. Start>Programs>Omnis>Omnis Studio Note do not use the runtime programs that end in RT (e.g. Omnis Studio RT) because they do not have the ability to extend the data file

3. Click the Open Library quick link on the Browser window

4. Navigate to the application library file

5. Press OK to open the library file and the Startup_Task should open the data file

6. Expand the Datafiles node in the tree list on the left hand side of the Studio Browser window

7. Click on the required datafile in the tree list

8. Click the Change Size hot link and the Change data file size window is displayed

9. Click the Add segment button once to display the Select directory for new segment window

10. Select the current directory and press OK

11. Providing there is sufficient disk space, change the Segment size (blocks): to 524288 (the largest possible size of 256mb) or use a smaller number if necessary

12. Close the Change data file size window

13. Use Windows explorer or OS X Finder to verify that the new data file segment exists in the expected location

14. In Windows right click the new segment and select Propeties to make sure that it is of the expected size. In OS X click the file and press Cmd+I

16. Quit out of the Omnis Studio developer version

17. Start the normal runtime version of Omnis Studio, open your library and check that you can log on normally

18. Ensure that your back up process is extended to include the new data file segment

19. In the event that you need to restore the data file in the future then ALL segments must be restored and they must be from the SAME backup

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