Omnis Tech Notes Archive

The following Tech Notes relate to old or obsolete technology in Omnis Studio, or they may have been superseded by newer tech notes. They appear here for existing developers who may wish to refer to them (the iOS Client here refers to the plug-in, not the JavaScript Client for iOS devices).

iOS Client & Mac Apps  
Personalizing Your iOS Application TNMC0001
Building an iOS Application TNMC0002
iOS Wireless Application Distribution Deprecated
Preparing Your Omnis Application For The Mac App Store TNMC0004
Omnis Web Client (old plug-in only, not JS client)  
Omnis Web Client and Personal Web Server TNWE0001
Omnis Web Client automatic install TNWE0002
HTML page redirection depending on browser and platform TNWE0003
Using the Apache Module with Omnis TNWE0005
The size of web forms and what is sent from the server to the Client TNWE0006
Detecting browser HTML using Apache Web Server TNWE0007
Opening the Browser at a specific item using a URL TNWE0008
Configuring the Apache Web Server module on Mac OS X TNWE0010
Deploying the Omnis Server on Linux Appliances TNWE0011
Displaying Pictures in a Web Datagrid TNWE0013
Dynamically Resizing Web Client Windows TNWE0015
FormFile operation parameters TNWE0017
Using the Omnis Server with Apache on Mac OS X 10.5  TNWE0019
Using the RemoteLaunch web component TNWE0020
Finding out the Web Client installation path TNWE0021
Testing Web Client Applications with Windows IIS TNWE0022
Testing Web Client Applications with Windows UAC and IIS7 TNWE0023
Using the JavaScript Client with PHP TNWE0024
Multiple Selections in Web Tree Objects TNWE0025
Creating a Stand-Alone Windows Mobile Emulator TNWE0026
Client/Server and SQL Programming  
Connecting to Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 9 (ASA) TNSQ0008
Connecting to Sybase from Mac OSX TNSQ0009
Using Mac OSX DAMORA8 and DAMSYBSE DAMs with Studio 4.2 TNSQ0011
Connecting to an Oracle 64-bit Server TNSQ0020
Setting Environment Variables on the Mac TNSQ0025
The DEFAULTDATE keyword for Oracle TNDA0001
Omnis Data Files  
Checking Data Files. TNDF0001
Segment Issues with Omnis data files. TNDF0002
Locks in Omnis datafiles. TNDF0003
Accessing Omnis datafiles on Windows 200X Server. TNDF0004
Omnis Data Bridge Client-Server Compatibility TNDF0005
How do I make my Datafile Bigger by Creating New Segments? TNDF0006
Data Management  
Using Complex Data Structures TNDM0001
Data Corruption Problems TNDM0002
String Tables in Omnis Studio TNDM0003
NULLs in Expressions and Omnis TNDM0004
Synchronizing a Schema and a corresponding Table in a datafile TNDM0005

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