Upcoming Events

Omnis Developer Conference, USA, March 8 - 9, 2018

Omnis Developer Conference

Update and expand your knowledge about Omnis Studio 8, discover insights into the future of Omnis with Bob Mitchell, Omnis Engineering Manager, meet David Lewis, Chair of the Omnis Board of Directors, learn how to move your app from Omnis 7 to Omnis Studio, with Marc De Roover, and find out about Omnis on GitHub and OmnisTAP testing with Alex Clay. Full conference & hotel info, agenda and registration here...

Omnis sponsors dev://east, March 16, 2018


See demonstrations of Omnis Studio Rapid Application Development platform and network with top software developers from the east of England. More info...

Omnis Regional Conference, Wesel 15 + 16 May, 2018

Omnis Regional Conference




The Omnis Regional Conference in May is for Omnis developers in German speaking countries, and for English speaking developers in Scandinavia, Benelux, and elsewhere. It features the same session tracks in German and English, running side by side: attendees can attend whatever tracks they want. The conference can be booked for one or two days, with the option of hotel accommodation, evening meals and breakfast included.

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Past Events

EurOmnis Conference, The Netherlands, 15 - 20 October, 2017




Run by developers, for developers, the European Omnis Developer conference will take place near Arnhem in The Netherlands. For more details about the conference, please see: http://www.omnisworld.co.uk

Omnis Germany Technical Day, 29 Sept, 2017

Omnis Germany Technical Day

Join us in learning aspects of UI design with Omnis Studio, with special guest Stephan Wüseke, exploring the new Omnis Studio 8.1, and afterwards to commemorate the new Omnis office in Hamburg.

Omnis Conference South America, 27 Sept, 2017

Omnis Conference South America

The Omnis distributor for South America, Software Products Italia (SoftPI), will hold a special one-day conference on 27 September in Quito, Ecuador. Come along to learn more about Omnis Studio. Conference agenda and registration in English: www.softpi.com/en/meeting or in Spanish: www.softpi.com/es/encuentro

Omnis France Meeting, 8 March, 2017

Omnis France Meeting

Join us on 8 March in Paris, meet the new Omnis Software France organization, hear the commercial and technical strategy for Omnis and the company.

Omnis US Meeting, December 6 + 8, 2016

Omnis US Meeting



Join us on December 6 in San Francisco, or December 8 in Boston, to meet the new owners of the Omnis business, and find out our plans for the business going forward.