Omnis Online Documentation

Omnis Online Documentation

Omnis Software Ltd.
May 2023 (updated March 2024)

About this documentation

The Omnis online documentation describes how you can create web and mobile applications using Omnis Studio 11 (released May 2023), with updates added for Revisions 35439 (Aug 2023), 35659 (Oct 2023), and 36251 (Mar 2024) which are highlighted in yellow to show you what has been added for which revision.

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If you are new to Omnis Studio

When you start Omnis Studio you will see the Studio Browser (if this is not showing press F2) which helps you get started in Omnis Studio. Under the Hub option, you can look at the example Omnis applications under the Applets and Samples options: you can open each example in your web browser or within Omnis itself and you can examine the Omnis code in the associated library under the Project Libraries option in the Studio Browser.

To start creating a web or mobile application, you should read the Creating Web & Mobile Apps manual which describes how to create JavaScript Remote Forms using the JavaScript Components, and also contains a Tutorial which describes, step-by-step how to create an application that will run in a browser on a desktop computer or mobile device.

You should read the Omnis Programming manual to learn more about the general tasks and techniques required for creating Omnis applications, including SQL and List programming. In addition, there are the Omnis Reference manuals containing information about all the Commands, Functions, and Notation available in Omnis, together with a comprehensive Help system available from within the Omnis development environment using the F1 key.

More information

You should browse the Omnis website to find out about development and deployment licensing, pricing, and our comprehensive technical support options:

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