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Launch of Omnis Studio V.10:

“a revolutionary upgrade for developers and business owners alike”

Following a major strategic research and development investment, Omnis Software went live last week (30 January) with its successful launch of both Omnis Studio V. 10 and the company’s new bespoke website.

This achievement was coupled with a clear promise from Bob Whiting, Omnis Software’s worldwide general manager, that this represented “less an evolutionary step forward, more of a revolutionary upgrade for developers and managers alike across every market” compared to earlier versions of the iconic rapid application development tool.

“In today’s economy, digital transformation of all business areas is a key for success. For many companies it can be critical to bring a product to market earlier than their competition. At the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult to find sufficient development capacities. Therefore, the high productivity of Omnis Studio is essential, because projects can be realised with significantly smaller developer teams.

“In short, V.10 offer developers so much more functionality and ease-of-use and so gives IT managers, IT directors and business owners the chance to achieve better results with fewer resources.”

As a consequence of this analysis and of close communication with their customers, Omnis Studio 10 includes the following key features:

  • A new Method Editor and the Code Assistant which make coding much faster, eliminate errors and simplify maintenance. These greatly improve and speed up the development process, especially web and mobile app development. 
  • Single application coding, allowing developers to work on an application on one platform and then deploy it to any other, including Windows & macOS desktop computers, on the web in any browser, or on any mobile device on Android or iOS, saving time and ensuring a better use of resources
  • A Remote Debugger that allows developers to debug applications outside the office, saving time and effort and enabling Omnis developers to better support their customers. This further improves on Omnis Studio’s existing  Debugger.
  • Vastly improved accessibility features aimed at ensuring full compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to improve usability for users with disabilities
  • New JavaScript controls to support developers in creating really attractive and user-friendly applications

In order to support both existing clients and new prospective new customers, Omnis Software is offering both 90-day free licenses of Omnis Studio 10 to get started and free training, either online or in three day’s courses.

In addition, according to Birgit Jaeger, Omnis Software’s international sales director, “our newly launched bespoke website aims to direct our different audiences to key information of direct relevance to them. 

“It looks really fresh, younger and modern, and the new structure and navigation is easier and more intuitive. This new website is another revolutionary step for Omnis Studio and an important element of our comprehensive strategy to attract new developers.“

To promote Omnis Studio 10 across new developer groups and the company’s international clients, Omnis Software is about to embark on a world tour allowing developers the chance to meet the team, ask questions and have hands-on experience of seeing the revolutionary difference made by this new launch. For more information and to register, please go to: 

Notes to editors

  • Omnis Software was founded in 1979.
  • Since then, Omnis Software has built an impressive client list in 50 different market sectors around the world.
  • In 2016, Omnis was purchased in a reverse takeover by OLS Holdings Ltd, a Suffolk company owned by a number of Omnis developers and distributors. The company’s board include existing customers in Australasia, Germany and Italy.
  • The company has continued to invest in boosting its relationships with the all-important developer community through the Omnis Academy, bespoke training programmes and an engagement initiative called My Omnis Story which showcases how developers have delivered impressive business solutions using the company’s software.