This conference is an international community event and sessions will be provided in multiple languages.



May 18 – 19, 2022

The conference will be held at Land Gut Höhne in Dusseldorf, Germany – ‘the uniquely different hospitable country estate in the heart of Europe’. Located on the outskirts of Mettmann (where Neanderthal man was discovered) Land Gut Höhne is easy to reach from Dusseldorf main station or DUS airport. This location brings the modern and the historic together and provides the latest conference technology, fantastic food with live cooking as well as great sports, fun and relaxation options in a wonderful nature.


The Omnis International Developer Conference is for Developers, Architects, IT and Business Managers – it is designed for anyone who wants to build and deploy software that makes a difference.

Experience live our announcements and first glimpses of the next Omnis Studio version – and of a brand new product!

This conference is your opportunity to learn about the latest cutting-edge tech from Omnis and to meet the engineers behind Studio and  fellow developers, to fire up your creativity and to leave with new ambitions for your projects and business.

This event will cover a wide range of subjects, both technical and business, for newcomers as well as experienced, long-time Omnis developers.


Experience live and be the first to take a look at the future of Omnis Studio and an exciting new product line! Gain insight into our future plans and the Omnis Roadmap.

See the latest Omnis Studio features that help streamline the creation of your custom apps. Learn from the Omnis experts and experienced Omnis developers to build even better apps with Omnis, exchange experiences and initiate new projects.

Learn techniques for developing and for deploying custom apps in on-premise or cloud environments. Discover tips on making your apps secure and tuning them for optimal performance. Get further insights into the Omnis JavaScript Client for building Progressive Web Apps, sophisticated web and mobile apps. See innovative Omnis apps from different industries and markets.

Prepare your business for success. Hear from a variety of businesses on how they use the Omnis Studio platform to solve their unique problems. Learn best practices for running a consulting business, marketing your success, and managing projects.

Take an active part and give us your input on what requirements you have, which features in Omnis Studio you need for your projects, what you want to see in the Omnis roadmap.

Join us in recognizing Omnis developers for innovative solutions and for their support for the Omnis developer community with the Omnis Awards and let’s party:
40th anniversary – LET’S CELEBRATE OUR FUTURE

These are some of the exciting activities that attendees can expect at the International Omnis Developer Conference.


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Highlights of the Conference Programme: 

    • Omnis Studio v10.22                                                                                                
      Summary of the new version 10.22, cloud services, new licensing options and the new Omnis Online Store
    • Make-up your App                                         
      Live development: Attractive UI design for desktop, web and mobile apps. Also see how easy it is to build a clean looking UI for both mobile and web in a single library using the same Remote Forms
    • Omnis in practice: Analytics for customers made easy
    • Fit for the Future of App Development                                                                
      Marketing to grow the Omnis developer community. The new Omnis Developer Forum
    • The Omnis Studio Deployment Tool
    • Extending the JavaScript Client
    • Flash Sessions:
      • 4k monitors: curse or blessing for the UI design
      • Omnis mobile app „AutoDessi“ (Covid school project)
      • Omnis-to-Omnis bi-directional connection and asynchronous content management
    • Introduction of a brand new Omnis product
    • First outlook on the next version Omnis Studio 11
    • Omnis in practice: Omnis On The Road
      Omnis mobile app for a logistics company. Field report of a new Omnis developer
    • Omnis in practice: From a desktop to a jsClient application                                                     Field report
    • The Future of App Development is Now!
      A new option for Omnis developers: Omnis Studio Now
    • Real-time communication / update in multi-platform apps
      Exchange of real-time information with online clients regardless of the platform
    • Under the hood
      Undocumented features & technical tips from tech support
    • Omnis Studio 11 in detail:
      Customising the Studio 11 Component Store
    • New jsClient components and features

and a big Omnis 40th Anniversary Party!

Speakers at the Conference:

Bob Mitchell Principal Omnis Engineer, Omnis Software UK | Bob Whiting General Manager, Omnis Software UK | Jason Gissing Software Engineer, Omnis Software UK | Holger Küchenmeister Head of Development, SMS System-Management Stiewi GmbH | Giacomo Manzoli 888 Software Products SRL | Stefano Garbo 888 Software Products SRL | Andreas Pfeiffer Senior Consultant, Omnis Software Germany | Götz Krija Tech Support Engineer, Omnis Software Germany | Jeramy Jeffereis Consultant, Omnis Software USA | Raymond Treß Ädelfors Consult | Ralf Ruthenbürger PuR GmbH | Francesco del Dotto Software Products Italia | Birgit Jäger Director Global Sales & Marketing, Omnis Software Germany | Maurin Wannags Apprentice, Omnis Software Germany