Omnis Technical Note TNWE0021 July 2008

Finding out the Web Client installation path

For Omnis Studio
By Holger K├╝chenmeister, comTeam GmbH

Deprecated Content
Due to its publication date, this technote contains information which may no longer be accurate or applicable on one or more of the platforms it refers to. Please refer to the index page which may contain updated information.

Did you know that you can read the installation path of the Web Client plug-in on a client machine? This can be quite helpful in tech support for your application, as the Web Client can be installed by the user in more-or-less any location (although under Vista the user is limited to where they can place files that require read/write access).

You can return the location of the Web Client plug-in via the location of the remote form cache, which is a sub-folder of the web client installation and is reported in the $cachepath property. You can place a button in an appropriate remote form, located somewhere in your web client application, and add the following code to the $event() method:

On evClick
    Calculate lPath as mid($cachepath,1,len($cachepath)-10)
    OK message PlugIn {[lPath]}

You must set the method to "Execute on Web Client". Note if you display any message on the Omnis Server (that is, not the client), the application may be halted on the Server, at least until someone confirms or cancels the message, which may not always be possible on a remote server!

Web Client path

Under Windows Vista, the Omnis web client needs to be installed into the user's LocalLow folder, such as: C:\Users\<name>\AppData\LocalLow\<company>\webclient. Note the AppData folder may not be visible in the Windows File Manager. To show the AppData folder, select the Tools>>Folder Options... option, click on the View tab and enable the 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' option, and click OK.

We thank Holger Küchenmeister, director of Omnis development at ElectronicPartner GmbH and their subsidiary comTeam GmbH in Dusseldorf, for providing this tech tip. More information about their Omnis application, read about it in an Omnis case study, or visit: or

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