Omnis Technical Note TNWE0002

Omnis Web Client automatic install

For Omnis Studio
By Omnis Technical Support

Deprecated Content
Due to its publication date, this technote contains information which may no longer be accurate or applicable on one or more of the platforms it refers to. Please refer to the index page which may contain updated information.

Is it possible to allow you to automatically install the Omnis Web Client for Internet Explorer when going to a web page?


The following link is to a tutorial that is supposed to do exactly this, to allow you to automatically install an ActiveX when one accesses a web page.

You can create an installer that does not require the entry of a path where the ActiveX is to be stored. A path is automatically assigned, similar to the installation of the Omnis Web Client for Netscape on Windows. This can be useful for situations where customers have problems installing the thin client or providing a path to install.

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