Omnis Technical Note TNNO0012

Moving objects on a specific tab of a tab pane

For Omnis Studio
By Omnis Technical Support

This technical note describes how to move objects from one pane to another easily.

When adding new tab panes one is always faced with the problem of how to move the objects in a pane from one pane to another. What happens if one wants to add a new first pane to the tab pane? Incrementing $tabcount will add a new pane to the END of the tab pane window object. How then one move the objects in pane x to pane x+1 for all the panes. Studio versions of 2.1 and later offer the $pagenumber method\property. This notation allows one to find out which pane a window object in a tab pane is in as well as set the pane number for that object. The code below will move the objects from a pane (OldPane) to a pane (NewPane) where 'OldPane' and 'NewPane are pane numbers and the tab pane has the $name 'TP'.

#####Method '$event'#####
No. Local Variable Type Subtype
1. Count Long integer
2. num Short intger (0 to 255)
3. ObjRef Item reference
4. PaneObjList List
5. TabPaneRef Item reference

No. Method text
1 On evClick
2 If OldPane>0&NewPane>0
3 Set reference TabPaneRef to $cinst.$objs.TP
4 Do TabPaneRef.$objs.$makelist($ref.$name,$ref) Returns PaneObjList
5 Calculate count as PaneObjList.$linecount
6 For num from 1 to count step 1
7 Set reference ObjRef to PaneObjList[num].C2
8 Calculate PaneObjList[num].C1 as TabPaneRef.$panenumber(ObjRef)
9 If PaneObjList.[num].C1=OldPane
10 Do TabPaneRef.$panenumber(ObjRef,NewPane) Returns #F
11 End If
12 End For
13 End If

Notes on the above code:

1. One can refer to a column of a list in Studio by referencing the column with C1, C2 etc irrespective
    of the name of the column, so 'ListA.2.C6' will refer to the cell of a list called 'ListA' in the second
    row and in the sixth column.

2. In line 4 $makelist is used to make a list of the objects on all the panes of the tab pane and, as a
    second column, store an item reference to each object.

3. Comparing line 8 and line 10, notice that $panenumber can be used to assign a pane number of an
    object as well as read the pane number of an object. Also, $panenumber is a method of the
    tab pane, not of the object in the tabpane. Depending on the parameters passed to the method,
    the method will get or set the pane number of an object.

4. In line 4 a variable is used to store the $linecount of the pane object list. One could have placed the
    notation 'PaneObjList.$linecount' in line 6 i.e. directly in the For...' loop, but then the notation would
    have been re-evaluated for each loop. Populating a variable with the $linecount and using that
    variable in the loop makes the loop slightly faster.

Download a sample library from GitHub: (for Studio 8.1.2 or above)
(or an archive: for Studio 4 or above, may require conversion)

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