Omnis Technical Note TNNO0010

Tree lists - displaying nodes with a common parent

For Omnis Studio
By Omnis Technical Support

How do I display a list of all the nodes with a common parent?

An example library is provided with code to show how to display a list of all the nodes with a common parent. The user can click on any node, the code will find the parent and then create a list of the children of that parent node. This illustrates $nodeparent and $nextnode, as well as the use of the reference returned by OMNIS of the node that has been clicked on, pNodeItem. The $event method behind the main tree list is:

On evClick
    Do cl_NodeList.$clear()

    Do $cfield.$currentnode() Returns li_Ref
    Do li_Ref.$nodeparent() Returns li_Parent
    Do $cfield.$nextnode(li_Parent,kTrue) Returns li_Child
    While li_Child
        Do cl_NodeList.$add(li_Child.$name)
        Do $cfield.$nextnode(li_Child) Returns li_Child
    End While

    Redraw {wTreeNodes_1017} ;; list showing child nodes

Download a library from GitHub: (for Studio 8.1.2 or above)
(or an archive for Studio 4 or above, may require conversion)

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