Omnis Technical Note TNNO0003

Grid Field Exceptions

For Omnis Studio
By Omnis docs

Which field properties can I apply exceptions to in a complex grid ?

The following tables show the properties of specific field types that you can apply grid field
exceptions to (grid field exceptions are described in the Studio v2 Omnis Programming
manual, p138).

Background objects
$font $text
$fontsize $picture
$textcolor $font
$fontstyle $fontsize
$align $textcolor
$effect $fontstyle
$forecolor $align
$backcolor $effect
$backpattern $bordercolor
$bordercolor $linestyle
$linestyle $forecolor
$visible $backcolor
$enabled $backpattern
Pushbutton (derived from General) Checkbox (derived from Pushbutton
$buttonstyle $fieldname
$iconid $effect
Combo (derived from General) Edit (derived from General)
$fieldname $fieldname
$listname $autotablen
$unqindex $unqindex
$autofind $autofind
$zeroempty $zeroempty
$negallowed $negallowed
$uppercase $uppercase
$shownulls $shownulls
Edit mask (derived from Edit) Radio button (derived from General)
$formatstring $fieldname
$formatmode $effect
Droplist (derived from General) Icon Array (derived from General)
$fieldname $fieldname
List (derived from General) Picture (derived from General)
$fieldname $fieldname
Popup List (derived from General)  

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