Omnis Technical Note TNLI0004 July 2008

Setting up Omnis on Debian Linux

For Omnis Studio
by Mathias Henze, MHC Software GmbH

HINT: Get root to do all this by "sudo bash" or if you have set a root password by "su -".

NOTE: This is a very basic setup without the setup of the web client for firefox !!

Debian and Debian-like systems like Ubuntu do not support rpm directly. Omnis Software only provides the Omnis Linux package as an rpm, and the rpm just creates /usr/local/rainingdata/osXXX/osXXX.tgz - nothing else. Then you have to do the setup manually anyway.

I recommend on a Debian (-like) system to convert the RPM with "alien". First install alien:

apt-get install alien

then get the

rpm: cd /tmp

and convert it:

alien -t Omnis-Studio-4.3.2-1.i386.rpm

then you get Omnis-Studio-4.3.2.tgz. Now unpack it:

tar xfz

now you should have:


To be consistent with the rest of the doc do:

mv /tmp/usr/local/rainingdata/os432/
os432.tgz /tmp
rm -rf /tmp/usr

If you have installed the RPM, move the tgz to be consistent with the rest of this doc:

mv /usr/local/rainingdata/os432/
os43.tgz /tmp

assuming that os432.tgz is located at /tmp do the following:

cd /opt
mkdir os432
cd os432
tar xfz /tmp/os432.tgz
cd ..
chmod -R ogu+rw os432

To get it running you need a start script. Do:

cat /opt/os432/ <<EOF

/opt/os432/omnis $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8
chmod +x /opt/os432/

This is the minimum. You may need other environment variables in this script set depending on what DBMS and what connector you want to use, e.g. for Oracle you need ORACLE_HOME set and you may need to extend LD_LIBRARY_PATH. You can do all this by editing:


now you can start omnis by:


To create a menu entry do:

cat > /Usr/share/applications/omnis.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Omnis Studio 4.3.2
Comment=Omnis Studio 4.3.2

We thank Mathias Henze, founder and managing director of MHC Software GmbH based in Itzgrund in Germany for providing this tech tip. More information at:

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