Omnis Technical Note TNLI0002

The Integration of Open Office in Omnis Studio under Linux

For Omnis Studio 4.x
By Dr. Michael Hufschmidt

When you are using Omnis Studio under Windows, integration with Microsoft Office should be quite familiar to you. With the Automation objects it is possible from within Omnis Studio to start typical Windows applications such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and to fill them with data from an Omnis application. A sample library for this is included in the developer package of Omnis Studio (automate.lbs in the sub-directory \welcome\examples\ of Omnis Studio).

As yet, there has not been the equivalent solution under Linux. However, it is possible under Linux to provide such functionality for the Open Office package. Open Office is a widely developed Java application, and via a Java interface you can handle Open Office from within Omnis Studio.

Our German Tech Support team has devised an Omnis library to enable Open Office integration. The demo starts the Open Office Writer from within Omnis and generates a mail merge with Omnis data. The screenshot below shows the window of Omnis Studio and the associated window of the Open Office Writer.

Open Office

The demo package contains a Java class, detailed installation instructions, and an Omnis library. Download the demo package here: (52k). Contact our German Tech Support team at for further information.

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