Omnis Technical Note TNCN0002

Preparation of Omnis7 code using $makelist() and $proctext() prior to conversion

For Omnis 7 and Studio
By Omnis Technical Support


Converting an application to Studio it can be necessary to find and replace code to adapt the Omnis7 code so that it is more easily converted in Omnis Studio. Often one has to replace one line of code with more than one line of code. The "Find and Replace" window in Omnis 7.3.x cannot be used for this type of procedure.


The "Find and Replace" window in Omnis7 cannot be used to search the proctext of specified formats and replace entire lines of code, the "Replace" only works for field names, format names and literals. The enclosed library is an Omnis 7.3.x library that demonstrates the use of $makelist() and $proctext() to read and assign/replace the procedure text of specified formats. The main windows are wFINDandREPLACE and wFINDandREPLACEdialog. To use these windows, one has to copy the formats into the respective destination library. To test the enclosed library, search for 'format' or 'FORMAT'.


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