Omnis Video Library

Omnis developers and our Omnis engineering team share their knowledge and application building skills
to help you take advantage of Omnis Studio's next generation development environment.


REST Web-Services in Omnis Studio

Präsentiert auf der Entwickler-Konferenz 2014

Implementierung von REST Web-Services in Omnis Studio von Klaus Schrödl, Senior Consultant, Omnis Software Deutschland GmbH.

HighCharts meets Omnis JavaScript Client

Raymond Treß, Ädelfors Consult, Sweden

A snapshot of Ray's integration of HighCharts with Omnis JavaScript Client remote forms.

Omnis JavaScript Component SDK

Mark Wood, Omnis developer

Introduction to how you can create your own JavaScript Components to extend the functionality in your web & mobile apps.

Omnis Worker Objects

Mark Wood, Omnis developer

Presentation of Omnis Worker Objects by Mark Wood, Omnis developer and regular conference speaker on Omnis SQL programming.

myEcoCost & Omnis Studio

Sten-Erik Björling, Enviro Data

A presentation of the myEcoCost project and the part Omnis Studio is playing in its development by Sten-Erik Björling, Enviro Data, Sweden.

Web and Mobile development made easy with Omnis Studio

Presented at CeBIT 2012, Omnis Software Germany

Shows how easy it is to create Web and Mobile apps with Omnis Studio 5.2 and the new JavaScript Client.

Video (English Version) | Video (German Version)

Extending Omnis to New Platforms and New Markets...The Next Step

Bob Whiting and Bob Mitchell, Omnis Softare Ltd.

This presentation introduces the new features in Omnis Studio 5.1, including support for Apple iOS app development. Demonstrations on upcoming product features including Omnis for Eclipse, Omnis as a Service, SQL Query builder, and a Web client that will run on any browser without the need for an Omnis plug-in.

The Mobile Market Today

Raymond Tress, Raymond Tress Consulting

Introduces the world of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Web and Mobile technologies available today, including the new Apple iOS platform and Google Android.

My First Omnis iPhone Application

Raymond Tress, Raymond Tress Consulting

Explains how to set up Omnis Studio 5.1 and Apple XCODE to create an Omnis iOS application, working with iOS components in a remote form.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Raymond Tress, Raymond Tress Consulting

Introduces SOA and how you can use it in Omnis Studio for producing widely distributed apps for remote devices.

Using SOA Within an Omnis iPad Application

Raymond Tress, Raymond Tress Consulting

Illustrates how you can connect to a remote database in an Omnis iOS app on the Apple iPad using the Google Map component, as well as Omnis as a SOA data provider to other platforms such as Adobe FLEX.

Omnis Studio and SQL

Jim Pistrang, JP Computer Resources

Demonstrates how easy it is to connect to any of the major databases in Omnis Studio using the powerful Omnis Data Access Modules and the built-in SQL Browser tool.